How To Apply For Canada Visa Lottery

How To Apply For Canada Visa Lottery

More than half of the population of the world has heard of Canada and it’s immigration and population growth but if you must win a visa lottery and settle there, it’s accurate to know a little about this country that you desire.

Canada is one of the world’s most accommodating countries with a high admission rate and standard of living.

Canada, the bustling North American country, has had thousands of heterogeneous immigrants since the 1900s.

The case of this immigration is not only for mobility’s sake, but it is also a short walk to economic development.

Due to the diverse settlement of people in the country, Canada is simply multi-cultured and made of different language groupings.

America is fore most on the list of influencers on Canadian due to proximity which means that America and Canada are similar to five and six.

They exist mutually especially in expression, attitude, and values.

Canada has welcomed immigrants from France, China, Britain, India, Mexico, Nigeria and lots of other countries.

However, on the verge to address global issues and also fund initiatives in developing countries, this immigration is not limited as long as one is eligible.

Hence, middle and lower class citizens struggle every day to become residents of Canada.

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To make it more pronounced, recently, the Canadian government has announced its need for over a million more immigrants, not less than 250.000.00 workers inclusive.

This is where the joggle for the promised land heightened. Who wouldn’t budge?

The hardship in developing countries triples daily.

Also due to the challenges and disadvantages of terrorism and other illegal cases, the country has enunciated some policies. So if you are hoping to remain in Canada, you must be efficiently useful.

There are high demands for educated and competent workers. To migrate successfully, one can either apply through the economic category, family reunification and asylum protection.

The economic category includes educated, job experienced and skilled workers who can fit into the labour market.

Most of them must know how to converse in English Language and French in order to increase their competence.

Canada is a prototype of liberalism and cordiality.

People who are interested in leaving their countries for Canada are advised to get their international passports ready, do an eligibility check of themselves and apply in confidence.

Quality and a calculated shot are better than applying all over and over again with less to offer.

Visa lottery is another less cumbersome immigration package to countries.

In this category, everything is already in place should one win.

It is a means of acquiring a permanent residency with pure luck.

The closest country to Canada, the United States of America, issues about 55000 visa lottery every year, one can apply for it and stand an equal chance of winning since there is no clearly stated visa lottery to Canada yet.

Applying is not harmful when you get to America, you can get to Canada.

With the increase in Canada immigration and the rise in job creation the Country is offering, most persons see Canada as their safe haven and sincerely want to leave their own country, hoping for a better opportunity.

However, Canada does not have a visa lottery like the United States but there are other means of getting into Canada without the lottery.

Some websites advertise that Canada has a visa lottery this can be misleading or probably a scam.

This means there are many options available for prospective immigrants;

Is Express Entry a Visa Lottery to Canada

The answer is NO, express entry is not a visa lottery means to Canada however it is a means of getting into Canada if you meet the test point.

Express entry is a merit-based system and its aim is to reduce the stress of applying to migrate to Canada.

To start this process you will fill your application to enter the entry pool and you will be scored according to your responses.

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If you are selected you will be notified and you have sixty days to fill out your application for immigration.

But for those who do not pass the entry pool, they still have options so they remain in the pool.

The immigration services can access the pool through profiles and know who is eligible to enter their country.

Another official immigration program that immigrants can be chosen at random is a holiday working program, however, this program is only valid for those who work in Canada and has a life span of one year only.

Ways One Can Immigrate to Canada

  1. Being nominated by a Canadian province
  2. Family sponsorship includes being sponsored by your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren relatives, and others.
  3. Being a Quebec-skilled worker.
  4. Being a graduate from a school or working in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Labrador.
  5. Being a caregiver to children, the elderly or those with medical needs.
  6. Being a start-up founder can enable you to create jobs and start a business.
  7. Being a self-employed person in cultural or athletic activities.
  8. Being a rural and Northern immigration pilot.
  9. By working in specific agri-food industries.
  10. Being a refugee or sponsor others.
  11. Appeal your immigration decision.

Services and Information for Canadian Immigrants

  1. To begin the processes create an account or sign in if you have created an account for immigrant applications. With your account know your application status, the processing times, fill the forms, pay the fees and protect yourself from frauds.
  2. Be sure of the visa you require, if visit visa, business or on a transit visa.
  3. Know the immigration programs you can apply for or sponsor others.
  4. If you are applying for a work permit or extend a work permit, learn about International Experience Canada and being a caregiver, get your credentials recognized, and hire foreign workers
  5. Apply for a study permit or student work permit.
  6. Prepare for the citizenship test and get proof of citizenship.


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