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Everything news worthy in one place. From the latest Naija news in 2020, entertainment news, trends, sports, business, foreign affairs, metro, lifestyle, health and many more, HyNaija is the one-stop place for everything Nigerian. Imagine you could get everything you need without juggling from site to site. Imagine you could save yourself the stress of alternating back and forth between the latest football news and then some helpful tips to advance your career with. Imagine you don’t have to bolt out from one 9ja news site just to go check out a biography from one top celebrity you are going gaga about.

Those imaginations are brought into prime reality at where the ultimate goal is to be the leading news platform in Nigeria. And here’s our differentiator; our user interface is friendly, giving you the ease of navigation without cluttering and hampering readability with tons of ads. Your satisfaction is primarily a concern here and we strive to make your first time experience one of the too many subsequent visits. So we’ve simplified everything to ensure you won’t need any sort of assistance exploring our site.

More so, we bring you the news as they break in. this is to ensure you don’t miss out on them while they are still hot, especially the juicy celebrity gists and gossips. Here you can stay on top of every breaking Nigerian news today as they break in, both local and international. It is what we do and the variety of our offerings in terms of premium content and the daily news is attaining a crescendo that will make us unrivaled in the industry. A few years back, Sarah, a news junkie, would munch on anything readable on the net so long as it’s dubbed naija breaking news.

However, her interests weren’t limited. They were vast. She loved sports, politics, business, relationships, biographies and the list was almost endless in terms of what Sarah would spontaneously consume online. As fate would have it, she found our platform, one platform that offers everything she previously juggled between sites to get. According to her, it was one hell of an experience juggling these sites and she would end up drained. But with us, all she needed were a few click distances from each other and she found the experience awesome and her time worthwhile. Stories like that of Sarah are pure delights to us and we don’t relent in making more of those tales pour in.

There isn’t a better call to action than that of Sarah’s story and here we reiterate our offerings: Prime Nollywood, entertainment news, business tips, Nigeria today's newspaper headlines, breaking news across different states and regions in Nigeria, Naija celebrity gossips news, biographies and net worth, education news, topical issues in Nigerian news, sports, relationship tips, music, lifestyle, “how to” articles and many more. The aforementioned are the offerings we bring to the table for visiting us at and we’d be glad if you stop by as often as you can. At were are committed to becoming the number one news media platform this side of Africa, visit us today and be part of the history we are making!

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