Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World Presently

Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World Presently

Are you looking for the name of the richest pastor in the world? Whenever the value is offered, the reward comes in form of money or other benefits in kind.

Forbes discharged the list of the world’s most richest pastors last year 2018 making Bishop David Oyedepo number one on the list.

The same could be said of pastors when they offer spiritual value to their followers or better put loyalists.

The slight twist here in receiving the reward for value in the case of pastors is that they are being rewarded directly by their loyalist in financial offerings and indirectly through God using other people that might have in one way or the other benefited from their spiritual resource.

Life is laden with a set of challenges – most of these challenges are beyond humans to surmount and when all options on the plate have been attempted, one last resort comes to mind – to try the supernatural.

In this case, they either seek diabolic means or the spiritual services of pastors are called upon.

If Jesus had lived on to contemporary times he would have undoubtedly been the richest pastor alive if it’s, of course, God’s will, but in the stead of his physical absence on earth, his representatives are standing as mediators and providing ceaseless spiritual food and services to mankind and getting the rewards from both heaven and on earth.

These pastors have millions of followers who contribute to their material resource and splendor while in exchange they provide invaluable spiritual solutions.

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This has made pastors extremely rich across the world.

They now drive in luxury cars, live in million dollar homes and fly around the world in flamboyant jets.

Although they hate to admit, it has made them peacocky and somewhat worldly in the eyes of religious extremists.

We present to you the top 10 richest pastors in the world presently

Bishop David Oyedepo (Worth: $150 Million – Nigeria)

Bishop David Oyedepo Biography

Bishop David Oyedepo

The richest pastor in the world is a Nigerian by descent and in all sense of the word “origin”.

He is the owner and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide alias Winners Chapel.

Bishop Oyedepo is by far the exact model of the prosperity God promised his children.

He drives in exquisite cars, lives in a spiritual magnificent stronghold in the multi-million dollar property acquired by his church known as Canaan city.

He founded the Winners Chapel in 1981 and today the church is the richest in the country and in the frontline of the largest churches in Nigeria and Africa at large.

When he began the ministry, according to him, God informed him that he would be this wealthy if he abides by His instructions.

His staggering wealth and asset base is not much of a surprise to him as he knew from the onset.

His church was the first to build a 50,000 capacity auditorium making the colossal worship center clinch the prestigious World Guinness Book of Record title as the Largest Church Auditorium in the world in 2008.

This building was built and dedicated under 365 days.

The Bishop owns two universities; Covenant & Landmark Universities.

Canaan land which is the church’s base is regarded as the second most luxurious and largest Christian estate in Africa with over 15,000 housing units, a helipad for his private jet, a world-class medical center, a power station, banks and other infrastructural features of a city.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Worth: $50 Million – Nigeria)

Chris Oyakhilome Biography

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

And yet another Nigerian appears on the list with the name; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

He is the founder and president of Believers LoveWorld International alias Christ Embassy.

The believers LoveWorld is a gospel conglomerate made up of close to a dozen subsidiaries with each having the LoveWorld prefix.

Pastor Chris began the Believers LoveWorld while in the university as Believers LoveWorld fellowship.

From that campus fellowship, it metamorphosed into a global entity starting from Nigeria its birthplace.

Pastor Chris grew into the limelight via his healings and miracles.

He is a great teacher of the bible as he dissects it like a professional tutor exposing mysteries and revelations in the process.

Over the years, Pastor Chris has built a robust relationship with Pastor Benny Hinn with the later becoming his mentor.

They both share a rare gift in the healing and teaching ministries.

Pastor Chris is a great preacher in Africa and has vibrant followership across the world.

He is strikingly rich and exudes the ambiance of a classy contemporary preacher.

He is in the list of private jet owners and lives the life of prosperity he preaches about.

Pastor Benny Hinn (Worth: $42 Million – United States)

top 10 richest pastors in the world

Pastor Benny Hinn – Photo Credit: Pastor Chris Online

Pastor Benedictus Hinn popularly known as Benny Hinn is an Israeli born tele-evangelist.

He is based in America and Canada but referenced and famous around the world for his healing grace.

Pastor Benny is a dynamic preacher and healing evangelist as yearly, his miracle crusades are being held in vital cities across the globe where thousands benefit from his anointing.

He has etched in history the world’s largest miracle crusade in India that recorded a whopping 7.3 million people in attendance.

His Television programme “This is your day” is one of the most watched gospel programmes in the world with over 19million subscribers.

Pastor Benny has been in ministry for over 3 and half decades preaching, teaching, healing and salvaging souls headed for doom.

As an author, he has written several world best-sellers.

He is well renowned for his books about the Holy Spirit which also forms the bulk of his teaching ministry.

He has been involved in some controversies in the United States bordering on tax evasions which have subsequently led to investigations on his assets by the United States Government.

His marital divorce has also raised some dust around his life and ministry.

This hasn’t debilitated his anointing and pace as he continues to do what he is set out for to the body of Christ.

He jets around the world in his private jet a Gulfstream G4SP.

Pastor Creflo Dollar (Worth: $27 Million – United States)

richest pastors in the world 2018

Pastor Creflo Dollar – Photo Credit:

With a dollar for a first name, one can only assume his christening contributed a great deal to his million dollar net worth.

Pastor Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers International Church, College Park, Georgia.

He is one of America’s famous tel-evangelist renowned for his consistent messages on prosperity and wealth.

Creflo who is an American began his church in 1986 at a cafeteria in college park.

From such a humble beginning, he led the church into its world dome that can comfortably sit close to 8,000 persons.

Today Creflo Dollar pastors over 30,000 members.

He lives a lavish lifestyle which he has been strongly lambasted for.

The preacher is a private jet owner and a lover of the stately Rolls Royce.

He also records some share of controversies which he had equally lived through.

Pastor Billy Graham (Worth: $25 Million – United States)

richest pastors

Pastor Billy Graham – Photo Credit: AFP PHOTO/Timothy A. CLARY

Although late but history won’t fail to slap us if we don’t include one of the greatest preachers of all time in this list.

Billy Graham, prior to his demise was an American televangelist and had the longest stint and streak any man of God in contemporary times could boast off.

Pastor Billy preached for over 40 years in 185 countries to over 210 million people across the world.

Pastor Billy even preached in territories where it was a taboo to mention the name of God.

At his death, America and the entire world stood still to honor a phenomenal Christian legend.

Billy Graham gave up at age 99 with just a year left for him to become a centenarian.

In the course of his years on earth, he has affected the lives of over 2.2 billion people, that’s about a quarter of the earth’s population.

He was very wealthy while he lived with his a private jet to tour the world as the greatest 21st-century evangelist.

Bishop T.D. Jakes (Worth: $18 Million – United States)

Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Bishop T.D. Jakes – Photo Credit: NBC/Getty

Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Potters House, Dallas, Texas, U.S.

He is of African descent but is a citizen of America.

Bishop Jakes is highly revered in America and in the world.

His messages have touched millions and have been a regular motivation to his followers.

Across the world, he is been viewed via his satellite television.

He is a writer, preacher, singer, motivational speaker, and movie producer.

His book “woman thou art loosed” is one of the best-selling gospel literature in the world.

This book alone propelled his net worth sky-high and announced him further to the world as a phenomenal figure in God’s kingdom.

Bishop Jakes is regarded as America’s finest man behind the pulpit and a model to many rising preachers.

The Potters House is a 30,000 member congregation in Dallas and one of America’s prominent churches.

Bishop Jakes is a Grammy award winner amongst other recognition and awards.

His books and messages are major streams of his wealth asides the Potters House.

He is very swish in appearance with his tailor-made blazers and precious metals accessories.

The Bishop has a $1.7 million home.

Pastor T.B Joshua (Worth: $15 Million – Nigeria)

TB Joshua Biography

Pastor T.B Joshua

Pastor T.B. Joshua is yet another Nigerian Pastor, tel-evangelist and prophet.

He founded the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Lagos, Nigeria where millions of people from all over the world besiege daily for miracles and healings.

Pastor Joshua is a very rare kind as his church operates in a unique way relative to every other Nigerian church.

The SCOAN has just one branch in the whole country where he preaches to about 15,000 congregants in a single service.

He is best known as a prophet due to his numerous prophecies of which 90% of them have been fulfilled.

He is also a healing prophet and that has earned him critical acclaim as well as tons of criticisms questioning his source of powers.

Pastor Joshua receives more visitors than the Buckingham Palace and the tower of London combined.

The attendance list of these visitors includes celebrities, footballers, and even African/Latin American presidents.

His Emmanuel TV is the biggest Christian satellite television on the African continent.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo (Worth: $10 Million – Nigeria)

richest pastors in the world

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is also a Nigerian and founder of the Kingsway International Christian Center, London. His father was of the Islamic faith and thus he has christened Ahmed for a Muslim name.

Following the death of his father who was a soldier in the Nigerian civil war, young Matthew at age 22 got born again, defying all family religious odds in the process.

He later went to a bible school in Lagos, Nigeria and subsequently became an assistant pastor with one of the branches of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Nigeria.

Pastor Matthew, moved to London, the United Kingdom in 1992 under the auspices of this church.

Rumour has it that he we were delegated to go and spearhead the creation of a branch of the Foursquare Gospel Church in London which he did but however, personalized it into his own ministry.

He established the KICC in London in 1992 with just eleven members and grew the church into the largest Pentecostal congregation in London.

He is a preacher, author, and tele-evangelist.

The very affluent preacher rakes up some fortunes from the sale of his books, his media company as well as other investments he owns.

Reportedly, he earns an annual salary of $200,000 from his church.

Pastor Chris Okotie (Worth: $10 Million – Nigeria)

Chris Okotie Biography 2019Pastor Chris Okotie prior to becoming a pastor, was one of Nigeria’s finest pop artist in the 1980s.

He is the senior pastor of Household of God Church International, Lagos.

He established this church in 1987 and today, it stands as one of the leading churches in Nigeria’s mega city of Lagos where celebrities and other societal bigwigs call a place of worship.

Pastor Chris is also a politician and is the chairman of Fresh Democratic Party (FDP).

He has contested in the presidential elections in Nigeria for four consecutive times and lost in all four attempts, with the most recent in the February 2019 general elections.

He is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria and loves the finer things of life.

He is a car enthusiast with a lot of flashy cars in his fleets like the Rolls Royce Phantom, hummer and Porsche.

Pastor Chris is also an author and tele-evangelist.

He has authored a lot of books which aren’t hinged on the gospel alone but on societal ills and success routes.

Renowned for his polished British accent and the rare crop of vocabulary used during his ministrations, Pastor Chris Okotie is one pastor that exist in a class of his own.

He lives a life of luxury and you could easily tell from his looks.

Pastor Joseph Prince (Worth: $8 Million – Singapore)

Pastor Joseph Prince

Photo Credit: Joseph Prince Ministries

Thriving in a continent where Christianity is for the most part seen as a religion so negligible in relevance is quite herculean, but Pastor Joseph Prince is changing the narrative as he pastors one of the largest churches in Asia.

He is a Singaporean and the senior pastor of New Creation Church based in Singapore, a church he co-founded in 1983.

He was appointed senior pastor of the church in 1990.

The New Creation Church is arguably the biggest church in all of Singapore with a whopping 33,000 congregations in attendance every single Sunday service.

His annual salary rakes in excess of $550,000 making him one of the wealthiest pastors in Asia.

This salary of his has been subject to public scrutiny and criticism over the previous years until he cleared the air on the issue that although he was paid handsomely, the money has got nothing on him.

He also added that his pay would have been staggering if he hadn’t taken all the pay cuts over the years.

Pastor Joseph Prince is the president of Joseph Prince ministries; an international, non-profit organization that inspires people with the gospel of Jesus through its television ministry.

He is an author, teacher, pastor and conference speaker.

Over to you.. What do you think about our top 10 richest pastors in the world?


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