Top 100 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria (2021 Update)

Top 100 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria (2021 Update)Photo Credit: Chokhmah International Academy

Are you looking for the top 100 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2021? Secondary schools play a major role in the educational sector in Nigeria.

For the most part, they help students in finding out their strengths and weaknesses which are pivotal in making choices when it comes to that critical decision-making point in the overlap between the secondary school and the university.

They help groom students thoroughly in sciences and arts depending on their choices so they can have an edge in their academic endeavors in the university.

Most persons have fared on well with life and made names for themselves with just a WAEC certificate and they can even convince you that going to the university is a waste of resources.

That’s entirely one huge conversation on the side.

Bottom line; secondary schools are preparatory grounds and play the major roles in the life of every student in Nigeria.

Their importance can’t be over-emphasized and that’s a given.

They were around long before the universities and colleges began gaining entry into the mainstream educational setting in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the number of secondary schools is too numerous to quantify and that would make ranking them one arduous task to indulge in.

However, some secondary schools have made a significant impact that’s too glaring to go unnoticed.

Most of these secondary schools are almost encroaching into the roles of the universities by using broader curriculums and some even adopting Western curriculums and standards.

Products of these schools go into the universities well equipped intellectually and walk over a lot of things their colleagues will grumble over.

They often stay ahead of their counterparts educationally because they are coming from the best in the country.

These secondary schools pay an awfully steep fortune for fees.

These fees could see someone through the university, master’s degree inclusive.

Some of them are affiliated to Western countries which are reflected in their names.

For instance, there is the Nigeria-Turkish Secondary School, The British International High School, Canadian High School, and many others.

In this list, we will be looking at the top 100 of these schools that could attempt to rival some colleges and budding universities sprawling around the huge expanse of Nigeria’s soil.

Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Photo Credit: Kings’ College

These secondary schools are equipped with world-class facilities, world-class infrastructure, foreign staff, highly esteemed local staff with optimum educational qualifications, world-class laboratories and what have you.

These best secondary schools in Nigeria are where the society people and the affluent class send their kids to when they have reservations about sending them abroad.

These schools would cost an arm and a leg to afford, but then the price is always worth it at the end.

The list is not always static and might likely change anytime due to competition, but there are some schools that have monopolized the list and have no intentions of relinquishing anytime soon.

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Some of these schools include the prestigious Kings College-Lagos, Loyola Jesuit College-Abuja, Corona Secondary School-Ogun State, and Lekki British International School.

So here are the top 100 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2021

  1. Kings’ College, Lagos
  2. Atlantic Hall, Poka-epe, Lagos
  3. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja
  4. Grange Schools, Lagos Sate
  5. Christ The King College, Onitsha
  6. Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Lagos
  7. Day Waterman College, Ikoyi, Lagos
  8. Lekki British International School, Lagos
  9. Lumen Christi International High School, Edo State
  10. Chokhmah International Academy, Port Harcourt
  11. Corona Secondary School, Ogun State
  12. Olashore International High School, Oshun State
  13. St Gregory’s College, Lagos
  14. Avicenna School, Lagos
  15. Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo State
  16. Crescent Hall International School, Lagos
  17. Kaduna International School, Kaduna State
  18. Igbinedion Educational Centre, Edo State
  19. British International School Landbridge Avenue, Lagos State
  20. Greensprings School, Lagos
  21. The Capital Science Academy, Abuja
  22. Nigerian-turkish International Academy, Abuja
  23. Louisville Girl’s High School, Ijebu-itele, Ogun State
  24. Premiere Academy, Lugbe, Abuja
  25. St Francis Catholic Secondary School, Lagos State
  26. Chrisland College Ladipo Oluwole Avenue, Lagos
  27. Regina Pacis College, Abuja
  28. Dowen College Regency Town, Lagos
  29. Brookstone School Secondary, Rivers State
  30. Bethel Demonstration Schools, Delta State
  31. Saint Michael’s International School, Niger State
  32. Hillcrest School Jos, Plateau State
  33. Chrisland College, Lagos State
  34. Abuja Capital International College, Abuja
  35. Charles Dale Memorial International School, Rivers State
  36. Thomas Adewumi International College, Kwara State
  37. Lumen Christi International High School, Edo State
  38. Adesoye College, Kwara State
  39. Holy Rosary International School, Abuja
  40. Citadel International College, Ondo State,
  41. Stage One International School, Abuja
  42. Queen’s College, Lagos
  43. Ave Maria Girls’ Secondary School, Abuja
  44. Federal Government College, Abuja
  45. Sunjem Private School, Lagos
  46. Crescent Hall International School, Lagos
  47. The Centagon International School, Abuja
  48. Albesta Academy, Lagos
  49. Capville School, Abuja
  50. Angelwings Comprehensive College, Abuja
  51. Air Force Comprehensive School, Oyo State
  52. Ifako International Secondary School, Lagos
  53. Barachel Group Of Schools, Ogun State
  54. Florie Private School, Lagos State
  55. Fountain International High School, Rivers State
  56. Graceland International School, Rivers State
  57. King’s High School, Lagos
  58. Marella International College, Oyo State
  59. Albesta Academy, Lagos
  60. Mercy Grace School, Edo State
  61. Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Enugu State
  62. American International School Of Abuja, Abuja
  63. Jextoban Secondary School, Lagos
  64. Nickdel Schools, Oyo State
  65. Bethel Demonstration Schools, Delta State
  66. Louisville Girls High School, Ogun State
  67. Moret Comprehensive College, Oyo State
  68. Holly Rosary International School, Abuja
  69. Henry Alex-duduyemi Memorial College, Osun State
  70. Qiblah High School, Oyo State
  71. University Preparatory Secondary School (Upss), Edo State
  72. Information Regent Schools, Abuja
  73. Greater Tomorrow Secondary School, Edo State
  74. Great Scholars International School, Ogun State
  75. Infant Jesus Academy, Delta State
  76. Lifeforte International School, Oyo State
  77. Deeper Life High School, Rivers State
  78. Agape International Academy, Abuja
  79. Ronik Comprehensive School, Lagos
  80. Verbins International School, Abuja
  81. Eminent Comprehensive College, Lagos State
  82. Spinel International Academy, Abuja
  83. Kings International College, Oyo State
  84. New Hope International School, Abuja
  85. Goshen International School, Abuja
  86. Premiere Academy, Abuja
  87. Whiteplains British School, Abuja
  88. Trinitate International School, Port Harcourt
  89. Ifako International Secondary School, Lagos State
  90. Estaport Secondary School, Lagos
  91. Chamberlain American International School, Abuja
  92. Capville Schools, Abuja
  93. Archdeacon Brown Education Centre, Rivers State
  94. Global International College, Rivers State
  95. Whitesands School, Lagos
  96. Grace Soild Rock School, Lagos
  97. Living Spring International College, Abuja
  98. Continental College, Abuja
  99. Margaret Thelma International School, Abuja
  100. The Threshold International School, Port Harcourt
  101. Pearlville School, Imo State

What do you think about this top 100 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria? Do share your experience with us in the comments section.


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    Shedrack Marcus 2 years

    Is astec not among

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    Busola Esther 2 years

    Redeemer’s Private Secondary School Karu, ABUJA is one of the best schools in Abuja. But it’s seems you are not aware of this since you are stiĺl using the old category.

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    madu 2 years

    They are the most expensive not the best

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      Regina pacis is not expensive

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    FSTC yaba aint in the list why

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    Regina packs college garki is way better than the schools mentioned before it

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    what of ambassadors college ile ife

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    I don’t mean to be rude but citadel int’l college is supposed to be part of the first ten

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    Where is command secondary schools?

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    Queens college yaba is supposed to be the top ten