Before You Eat That Chinese Rice, Think

Before You Eat That Chinese Rice, ThinkPhoto Credit:

Africans and let me say Nigerians are behaving in a way that suggests we are confused and stranded.

Otherwise why is it that we continually or habitually have taste buds or appetites for things that are not ours while we abhor what is ours, confirming the fears that if care is not taken we would lose everything we have to those countries and people that cherish what God has given them.

How else do we explain the prevalence of Chinese cuisine all over our land now?

Most towns and cities are struggling to have Chinese restaurants and cuisines, not only patronized by Chinese but huge number of Nigerians.

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Most of us see consumption of the menu as a symbol of class.

I was at a social gathering recently and top on the menu chart of the local caterer hired to serve us food was Chinese rice, while amala, ofada rice, beans, etc came after.

I simply peeped and saw that most of the people seated with me on the table had picked Chinese rice. I was sad.

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Not only have the Chinese continually protected their culture, food and heritage, they are subtly capturing the mental space of many gullible minds like ours.

When they travel out of their country, they don’t leave their culture behind.

They maintain their language without feeling inferior anywhere they go.

They export their gods and worship them in any foreign land they find themselves.

A recent study carried out in the US revealed a surge of young Chinese students on scholarship in topmost US higher institutions.

They get admission to study future course like robotics, artificial intelligence, space science etc.

They have no space for social science, religion, arts, like many young scholars from Nigeria and other black nations.

These students also yield to instructions from home to be roundly studious and live Spartan lives.

While some of our children are taking part of their loose time rollicking, eating barbecue or shawarma in joints, these guys are busy burning the candle light, with the future in focus.

Come down a little bit here.

Do we such resolve to populate the world with our lives and beliefs?

I say capital NO.

We easily lose our own whether at home or abroad.

We lose our language, our faith, our heritage, our food, now typified by the invasion and consumption of Chinese rice that I am talking about.

With this, I wonder if our future is not bleak and ominous as a people.

Although everyone has a liberty as to how he wants to live, eat or what to shun, I have personally started a one man subtle revolt against these foreign allures that could wipe off everything Nigerian, including the consumption of Chinese rice.

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It would only take the deep to call from the deep! I wonder who would reason with me and let’s see a way we could salvage the little left with us as a people from being totally annihilated and we become a confused and stranded race! God forbids!

Written by Tope Adaramola