How to Migrate to Australia from Nigeria Presently

How to Migrate to Australia from Nigeria Presently

If you are looking for how to migrate to Australia from Nigeria presently, then this information is for you. Australia is a fantastic country, more developed and with a better standard of living relative to other nations of the world.

It’s also a fascinating country being a country and a continent at the same time.

Australia is one of the best places to live in on earth even though the weather is hotter and extreme compared to other climes.

It is the 6th largest country in the world, has the 12 best economy and is one of the richest countries in the world.

This means lots of opportunities in a wider landscape awaits an immigrant.

You can live and work in Australia if you want but be rest assured that it’s going to cost you.

It’s an expensive nation but not to scare you away, just creating a factual awareness.

How to Migrate to Australia from Nigeria

You can survive with a good job since there’s more demand for skilled labor owing to a boom in the country’s technological industry and many other sectors like agriculture, construction, tourism, utilities, and many others.

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The demand for skilled labor has never been this intense and so if you are planning on going to Australia, you are needed.

Migrating to Australia can be downright off your budget but you can still make it with some of the routes that are listed in this article.

Here are some easy ways on how to migrate to Australia from Nigeria

Via a Student Visa

The cost of securing a business visa to the land of the Aussies can cost an incredible 16 million Australian Dollars, you are going to be strikingly wealthy to foot that else you might have to lose your foot for it.

But you can go under the guise of a student and retain that guise else you’ll be deported.

After your studies or in the course of your studies, you can find a way to secure a permanent resident visa but the key is landing in Melbourne, Sidney or Victoria first.

So how do you go about the student visa?

For starters, you need to conduct a small research about universities in Australia and find the one that suites you, suiting you in the sense of their requirements for admission and most importantly, the cos tot of their school fees, accommodation, and feeding.

After this, you can apply for admission.

There are plenty of Study-in-Australia agents all over Nigeria that can help you with the application process from start to finish after you’ve of course paid them for it.

When the application is successful, you will be issued a student visa for the number of years you’ll be studying.

Work and School flexibility option are rampant in developed countries and Australia is one of them.

You are going to have to work while your school and then after graduating, you are offered an extra two years to look for a job.

If you can find one, you are offered a work permit that allows you to stay back in Australia and continue working.

This is super!

Working Visa

This kind of visa is called Skill Nominated Visa.

Like earlier mentioned in the introductory part of this text that Australia is in need of skilled labor to match up to the teeming industrial revolution hitting its shores.

You can only acquire this kind of visa if you have a hot-selling skill.

So let’s say you’ve got a great skill like plumbing, welding, mining or any other relevant skill that can make you invaluable to the industry abroad, you can then apply on the skill shortage portal.

If you can scale through the grade point, you will then be invited by the Australian government to come work in their country.

However, you need to be nominated by a state government or any firm that needs your service.

Once you’ve applied and passed the test, this won’t be a problem.

But you need to be less than 50 years of age or at 50, anything above it would be rejected.

Employer Nomination Scheme

Here your employer in Australia nominates you to come to join him and work.

He then sends the nomination to the government who then approves it and send you an invitation letter to come work for their country.

This is quite difficult considering that you are in Nigeria.

But if you have someone in Australia who can coordinate this kind of visa acquisition for you, then you are good to go. But there are a few conditions associated with this kind of visa.

You need to be less than 45 years of age and then you have to pass an English proficiency test to proof that you can communicate better in English.

Requirements to Obtain an Australian Visa for Nigerian Citizens

How to Migrate to Australia from NigeriaRegardless of the kind of visa you are applying for, there are certain requirements, both international and local requirements that you need to meet before being considered.

Fact is, there are many routes to find yourself in Australia.

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You can go as a tourist by getting a tourist visa that would last for about a month.

You can also have a visiting visa which can last for about two weeks, but you need to have a letter of invitation from the person you are going to visit in Australia stating clearly that you are invited.

Your company can also send you to Australia for training if you are a worker and many other routes.

But here are some of the requirements you will be needing if you want to travel to Australia

  • Your International Passport, a valid one which is yet to expire for the next six months
  • Bank statement
  • Itinerary
  • Admission letter from the Australian university if you are going for studies
  • An invitation letter from your would-be host in Australia
  • A medical fitness report clearing you off any ailment so you don’t emigrate with a disease
  • Marriage certificate for couples
  • A letter from your employer confirming that you are indeed gainfully employed in Nigeria, this is to be certain you won’t be avoiding the authorities in Australia when your visa expires in a bid to stay back. They don’t want you to bolt off, your job security should deter you from that

Hope our information on How to Migrate to Australia from Nigeria Presently was very useful?