How To Get Paid To Relocate To Canada (Startup Visas & Tips On How To Go About Applying)

How To Get Paid To Relocate To Canada (Startup Visas & Tips On How To Go About Applying)Photo Credit: Durojaiye Dolapo

How To Get Paid To Relocate To Canada ?? (Startup Visas & Tips On How To Go About Applying) – So I figured I’d do a post talking about the various options for startup visas and drop tips on how to go about applying.

According to Wikipedia, “The Startup Visa is a temporary conditional residence permit in different countries. It aims at introducing a visa category for entrepreneurs raising outside funding and converts to a permanent residency visa if certain conditions are met.”

Altogether, about 60 countries offer similar options for entrepreneurs for this thread however I will only focus on Canada since that’s where most people are looking at.

There are also fascinating options for Denmark, France, and Chile, you can let me know in the comments if those are the ones you’re interested in.

So here goes, Canada – startup visa allows you to take up to 7 (sometimes even more) members of your family after you have been approved by a designated organization, you and your family members will be issued a permanent residence to live in Canada permanently.

Even if your startup fails (hopefully not), you and every member of your family will be allowed to stay as long as you wish, legally.

There are three types of designated organizations 1. Venture Capital Funds, 2. Angel Investor Groups and 3. Business Incubators.

In my opinion, the best bet for many startups from Africa would be the Business Incubators – one reason is that by design they support ideas that are not fully formed|proven.

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You can’t have a fully formed idea on a market that you don’t you don’t even live in.

The second reason (and I think more important) is that the Canadian Government gives some successful startups in these incubators grants of up to C$100,000 after graduation, which is a very valuable addition especially for people coming from the third world where ideas are usually not valued.

The incubators have varying criteria for acceptance, some will allow you to pitch with just an idea, some require you to have proven your concept while others require you to have raised funds.

Their admission cycles vary as well, please do some more research.

Presently, these are some of the designated incubators that will allow you to pitch with just an idea
LaunchpadPei – – YEDI – Launch Academy –

If you want some more information on the startup visa program read here –

Finally, if you need some support regarding developing bankable business ideas, building a solid team that will execute your startup ideas and|or applying to specific incubators please inbox me.

If this has been of value to you, feel free to share, other people might benefit from it too.

My name is Dolapo, the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and I know you were made to be extraordinary.

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