3 Men Murdered in Nasarawa

3 Men Murdered in Nasarawa

3 Men Murdered in NasarawaMichael Habbakuk, 27, Damalu Godiya, 25 in addition to a third anonymous man were on Monday hauled out of their houses and killed in the vicinity of their wives and youngsters .

Consistent with DAILY TRUST, the 3 adolescent men had recently come back to Obi Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, accepting the prior emergency that shook the territory had smoothed.

Chris Mamman, National President of Eggon Cultural and Development Association (Ecda),confirmed the incident saying,

“their attackers storm in on them, and forced them out of their houses. They killed them in the presence of their wives and children. This is unprovoked”

“They held them alive, and burst their eyes. They mutilated them, and hung them on trees in front of their houses. The third person; they opened his chest, and plucked of his heart. They also plucked off his intestine and eyes, and went with the organs,” Mamman said, blaming the murder on Alago people.

However, David Ayewa, Secretary General, Alago Development Association (ADA), denied that Alago people murdered the three persons.

“We don’t do violence. Our people are peace loving.

“When Eggon people attacked us in September, they claimed our people murdered an Eggon man on the farm. Their allegation was based on a mere suspicion. They did not even allow us the time to do our own investigation. The next thing was invasion of Alago people in Obi, Odobu and Assakio.

“They cannot continue to make spurious accusations of our people. We have been good neighbors. We want to leave in peace. There must be reasoning,” Ayewa said.
The Nasarawa state Police Command is yet to confirm the incident. ALSO READ(Boy Arrested for Hacking NSCDC,SSS,JAMB,NECO & NIS Website)

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