Where To Find Love – Real Love That Will Last

Where To Find Love – Real Love That Will Last

Where to find love is one question I hear a lot. The reality is that you can find love anywhere. The question, where to find love, denotes if there are specific places you could go to find love.

Actually, there are and there are a number of techniques you can use to find love.

But before we get to these points, we need to understand what love is and what it means to different people before we discuss where to find love.

What is Love?

First, what is “love”? The dictionary define love as “to have great affection for,” or “to feel sexual passion for,” and so forth.

It is true that more often than not, love is associated with intimacy, s3x, and things of that nature.

Love as it stands is a vast subject that I could spend months discussing.

However, we will narrow it down to how people perceive love differently.

In some cultures, love is perceived as having s3x.

In other words, people from these cultures will say things like, ‘making love’ meaning having s3x.

In other cultures, love is perceived as the care you have for someone close to you, like a friend or family members.

You often hear parents from these cultures say that they love their children.

Does that mean they have sexual intercourse with their children? Of course not.

People who have pets may say they love their pet.

So as you can see, love means different things to different people.

This leads us to the next step, place to find love.

Traditional Dating

Where to find love is a legitimate question to ask.

In this regard, we are not talking about where to find s3x but place to find love, as in meeting someone to have a lasting love relationship with.

Now the question is, are there specific places to find love? Yes, there is.

Where? The statistics show that most people find love the traditional way, not from the internet.

There are creative and very effective ways to find lasting love.

  • If you want to know place to find love, ask friends if they know someone that you can meet. If you have friends and throughout your friendship you have demonstrated to be a thoughtful, kind and respectful person, your friends will not hesitate to recommend their friend to you.
  • If you want to know place to find love, ask your barber or hair dresser. Yes, you heard me. I recall that when I was doing my research for my book, I was pleasantly surprised when my hair dresser told me about some of the parties going on that weekend where there would be many single men and women. People tell them personal things. Where do women go when they want to go? They go to the hair dresser to get their hair done. When do men go to look good before they go out looking for someone to date? They go to their barber for a haircut. While there, they exchange information. As I discovered during my research, both men and women usually tell their hair dresser where they are going. So don’t hesitate to try “out of the box” ideas.

Online Dating

Online dating is another way.

However, it plays a very small role in helping singles finds true love.

Despite the increase in online dating sites, it is estimated that only 5% of marriages come as result of people meeting on the Internet.

Only 12% of relationships develop as result of people meeting on the internet.

The failure of online dating is due partly to bad publicity.

Online dating sites can be a hub for people looking to cheat on their spouses, their partners or to lie, just to hook –up. I know of countless cases.

However, I have also clients who met online and are now happily married.

If you want to know where to find true love, online dating might be one way.

If you do choose online dating, be careful not give out your personal information to a complete stranger whom you have not meet in person.

Find Real Love Using Your Dog

Where to find true love can be very easy especially if you have a dog.

In my view, the hottest and newest way to find love is using your dog. Here is an example.

What you are about to read is a true story.

It actually happened.

For example let say you are a guy looking for a woman or a date.

While you are out for a walk, you see the most beautiful woman walking her dog coming towards you.

You want to talk to her but you hesitate out of fear of rejection.

You look around and there is just the two of you facing each other.

What are you going to do?

Just walk by without saying anything?

How about a first greeting asking the woman, “What breed of dog is that?” “Can I pet it?”

Start a conversation.

You may even ask her, “Do you know of a good restaurant around here?”

Once she tells you, invite her to come with you for a snack and ask that she bring her dog with her.

Take a frisbee with you on the date.

Go to the park after that and play with the dog.

Simple approaches like I have described can help you find love

Yes, You Can Find True Love

To sum up where to find true love, there are many places you can find love.

You can meet people everywhere you go. From time to time, take a walk instead driving everywhere.

On your walk, when the opposite s3x smiles at you, respond by saying hello.

Stop, and talk to the person.

It is call thinking on your feet, a quality that most women love in a man.

You can find love by doing the small things that matter the most.

Take charge by making things happen for you instead of asking yourself where to find true love.