Basketmouth finally opens up on love child

Basketmouth finally opens up on love child


Ace comedian Basketmouth has two kids, a boy and a girl, with his wife Elsie. What most of you
do not know is that he has another daughter with an ex. Basketmouth talks about his love child
for the first time in an exclusive interview with LIB.

There’s this story that won’t just go away that suggests you have a love child?
Basketmouth “I wouldn’t refer to her as a love child. She’s my child that people
didn’t know of. Yes I have a daughter with my ex-girlfriend. Its not a
comfortable topic to discuss because I wouldn’t want to put anybody
under pressure. As long as my family is happy and I’m on the same page
with my wife, my siblings, my mum, my pastor and the family of my
daughter, that’s all that actually matters.

When did you have the child?
Basketmouth : years ago, a while before my wedding.

How did your wife react to the news?
Basketmouth: You can guess.

Why did you wait till now before choosing to come clean?
It’s never been a hidden issue. That its private doesn’t make it hidden