What You Need To Know About Podcasting

What You Need To Know About PodcastingPhoto & Content: Joy Eneghalu‎/Facebook

There are various formats of creating content. So far, we have discussed text in blogging form. We talked about how you can generate ideas/topics, how you can generate traffic and how you can repurpose the content to fit other platforms.

If you missed it, shout to you!

One of the ways you can repurpose your blog post is to turn it to an audio a.k.a podcast.

Podcast is a digital audio file that can be listened to (even downloaded).

It is recorded in series and can be listened to on phone or laptop.

Podcasts have increasingly become an important way to consume content.

People prefer to listen while on their way to work or maybe while they are doing other things.

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This is great because as in the case of video, they don’t need to look at their screen.

All they have to do is insert their head phones or connect their device to a speaker and they listen.

There are tons of popular podcasts and they have great listenership.

As with every other good thing, this takes time to build and strategy plays a good role in increasing the numbers.

Some of these popular podcasts are:

  • Marketing School
  • The GaryVee Audio Experience (Uncle Gary is everywhere!!!!!)
  • The Tim Ferris show
  • Tony Robbins podcast
  • Startup

And a whole lot more! If you make listening to podcasts a habit, you may not miss listening to your favourite local radio station.

Starting a podcast should be on your list and it is not difficult to do.

As a growing personal brand/thought leader, podcasting can help improve your public speaking skills.

It is also a good way to build influence and it is highly engaging.

In the next few days, I will be walking you through the steps I use to create a podcast that exists on over 10 podcast platforms.

Are you ready?