Personal Branding And Why You Should Bother About It

Personal Branding And Why You Should Bother About It

You are not entitled to a place here. You earn it. To earn it, you have to intentionally build a brand that can attract people to stop and listen to you. Personal branding has increasingly become a must because you have to make people understand what sets you apart from the rest.

Through your personal branding, people start to understand your personality, your values, your message, your lifestyle and that’s how you begin to build a community.

Everyone – good or bad is a brand and we all stand for something.

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A quick test to know what you stand for is to write out what you think about yourself and also write out the qualities of the future you.

Then ask your close friends around what they think about you.

This will help for a start.

So why do you need this personal branding? What the fuss about it though?

1) It provides a way for the right kinds of people and opportunities to find you.

2) It gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward and build your reputation.

3) It will differentiate you from people who do similar work

4) It provides you a reason to spend time figuring out what’s important to you and what you hope to do professionally.

5) You have gifts to give this world and building your personal brand provides an efficient means of gift delivery.

6) You earn more as a personal brand. People with a strong and powerful personal brands earn 10 – 25% more than those who don’t.

Are you consistently living your personal brand everyday?

Written by Joy Eneghalu