How To Do Successful Marketing For Your Small Business

How To Do Successful Marketing For Your Small Business

Hello guys, today we’re sharing effective ways on how to do successful marketing for your small business.

Now that you are all set up with your business everything is in top shape.

You still have one more thing to do – Market what you do to would be customers.

How are you going to do it and that successfully? Read on.

Marketing is a management function that entails all activities involved in the distribution of your goods or services to the end users.

Marketing involves selling, advertising, public relations, market survey, etc.

As a small business, you might not have the money to spend on marketing because it gulps a lot of money.

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This post is going to show you how you are going to use low-budget marketing strategies to market your products or services successfully.

These strategies have been used by lots of small businesses and record a high degree of success.

Here are the tested strategies on how to do successful marketing for your small business:

Use Word Of Mouth

The fastest way of spreading information about yourself and business is person to person marketing.

Use Word Of MouthAnd the best place to start is within your family and friends.

There is no telling how many people will be informed once you get the news to one person.

Your family and friends trust you so they will assist you in spreading the news about you to others.

Rest assured that if what you offer is high quality they will market you with a passion.

Wear It Out Loud

Using your product and letting people know that they are yours is a nice way of selling them fast.

If you are a seamstress you can put on your creation and tell people that you are the designer.

Also, you could print your company name or product or website on a tee shirt and wear it for people to see (more on this later).

Use Social Media

As a small business, you have to leverage on all the avenues of marketing yourself.

How To Do Successful Marketing For Your Small BusinessYou need to be on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and so on.

These platforms are there for you to advertise yourself to a large audience for free.

Create a fan page for your business and promote it on Facebook with a token.

When people like the page they will get updates and pictures of your products regularly and on the long run be converted to paying customers.

Join groups on social media and others, comment professionally so that you can be known.

You can then leverage on that to sell more.

In addition, make sure you get yourself a nice website with a creative name and URL.

Link your social medial accounts with your site and update it regularly.

Your website is your office on the internet, make it count.

Start Blogging

Blogging is a way of sharing your knowledge and idea with the world.

You can start a blog around your hobby because it is better you write about your passion.

How To Make Money Online From BloggingFor example, if you are bird watcher or enthusiast and you decide to start a business of selling bird feeds.

You can create a bird blog, post pictures types of birds on the blog, write about the care of birds and post videos of bird’s activities (like mating, feeding, fighting, etc) you have seen recently with narrations for enthusiasts like yourself to see.

Then add your products at the end of every post i.e. the types of bird feeds that ways sell.

There are millions of niche you can blog about and luckily there are no legal restrictions on blogging.

Give Away Free Stuff

On your website and social media account, you can offer fans free gifts.

Gifts like branded tee shirts, key rings, pens, calendars, mugs, clocks, etc.

Give Away Free StuffYou can also offer free samples of your products.

Create a competition online and offer to give the winners some free samples of your products.

For branded gifts, add your company or product name boldly, your URL, etc.

The gifts must be of high or moderate quality.

Substandard quality gifts will present you as a low-quality company.

Network With Others

No man is an Island was the title of a popular song back in the days.

The phrase is truer this age than before.

Network With OthersThe likes of GNLD, Forever Living and the rest capitalizes on this can call it network marketing.

Networking with others in the light of marketing your business means connecting with people and telling others about yourself and business.

Attending business conventions, trade fairs, and business conferences to meet business people.

These business gatherings have one common purpose – to network with others.

Do not hesitate to attend them and that with your business cards.

Most of the people you meet might not buy from you directly but could link you with people who will.

Ask For Referrals

After selling to your customers or marketing others ask them for referrals.

You can also ask your family and friends for referrals.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Guerrilla Marketing is an unconventional, unusually unique way of promoting products or services.

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Unlike the conventional way of marketing, Guerrilla Marketing is cheaper and more direct.

Guerrilla Marketing involves a combination of different marketing activities to promote a single product or service.

Some of the way this can be done are:

You can paste stickers in public places like public buses, bus stops, cafes, classrooms, saloons, etc

Drop your business cards, handbills, etc in selected places such as banks, restaurants, eateries, the lobby of cinemas, event centers, etc

Placing banners and posters at schools sports tournaments and events e.g. Schools’ inter-house sports, debating shows, graduation parties, etc