Marketing Performance: Dos & Don’ts For The Millennial Generation

Marketing Performance: Dos & Don’ts For The Millennial Generation

Marketing has changed a lot over the years, mostly due to the ever changing target audience that you’re aiming for.

Today the main target audience is what’s referred to as, the Millennial Generation.

Millennials are anyone born between 1977 and 1998, and are just now beginning to enter the workforce.

This group consists of around 75 million people, and is having a huge impact on marketing and the marketing techniques we use today.

This generation is the first to grow up completely online and as a result the marketing techniques used to target them has to evolve in order to be more effective.

The key thing to remember about the Millennial Generation is they were raised on the Internet, and other forms of electronic communication including mobile phones.

The freedom given to them by such devices should be taken into account for your marketing techniques.

The use of cross-media marketing techniques is highly effective for this group, as they were and are the ones studying while listening to the radio or watching television, due to their increased skill at multi-tasking.

Millennials work well in groups, and are highly team-oriented, preferring working in groups over individual endeavors.

Once you’re caught up on the target you’re seeking to attract, you should start to consider the places they go for information and the way they behave.

Your marketing techniques should include places like Instagram or Facebook which they log onto daily, Internet messengers, or using blog sites.

Many businesses are failing or struggling because they are not listening to what the Millennials are actually saying about their products or their company.

Keep an ear out for what they’re blogging about, to help you improve your marketing techniques.

Also make sure your company has a space among the social media outlets such as Instagram and FaceBook.

Try not to be overly commercial though, as Millennials can see right through it, instead be genuine so your prospective market understands what you’re really about.

It will also help in your marketing techniques to communicate on a more personal level.

Create a two way dialogue with your audience, giving them an opportunity to speak to you.

Letting them rate your products, share comments, or share experiences with friends, will make that much more of a difference in your marketing techniques.

Lastly, focus on consistent messaging. If you say one thing, but do another, you’ll end up losing the trust of your target audience.

Keep a consistent message with your marketing techniques, and be creative as well.

Creativity causes your messages to be spread far and wide over the internet, gaining momentum with each passing.