How To Motivate Your Marketing Team To Sell More in Nigeria

How To Motivate Your Marketing Team To Sell More in Nigeria

Sales is most necessary thing for any business. If you have a reasonably good business then you must have a separate section for where you have a marketing executives and marketing managers working hard to sell your products.

Sometimes you think that sales are not increasing and there is a need to motivate your marketing team to sell more products.

This post is about motivating your marketing team to sell more in Nigeria and here are the ideas :-

Show Analytics To Your Team

Before going to your meeting with marketing team do a little bit homework on your sale stats and show these stats to your team and tell them the points you have taken from that analysis of your sales.

Point out the areas where they are strong and the areas where they need to work more harder.

Give Rewards To High Achievers

This is the best way to motivate your sales team.

You can give rewards to the marketing executives who have more sales than other executives.

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By doing this the executives who do best will be happy that their hard work gets reward from the company and those executives who don’t get anything they will work hard so that next time they will get this rewards.

Celebrate Little Successes

Whenever your company get a good deal try to make a celebration with your team.

This way your employees will feel that the company is their family and celebrating a success with your employees is just like celebrating your happiness with your family.

This will definitely motivate them to work hard for your company and your sales will increase dramatically.

Run A Contest For Sales Team

This is just like giving rewards but just with a little difference.

Announce a contest at the start of the month for the highest achiever of the month.

But make sure that the prize should be attractive for the sales team and if it is attractive and everybody wants to get that prize then your sales will touch the sky.