How to Choose a Career Path

How to Choose a Career Path

How to Choose a Career Path – The choices we make everyday determine the outcome of our lives.

Life itself is constantly presenting us with this or that, and we are everyday on a threadmill of decisions which determine whether we are making movement while shading unwanted weight or we are static and yet shading weight.

This threadmill career theory is amazing! How does this connect, you may be thinking?

I usually take it to mean that we all have a career path designed for each of us but we must choose to find it and live by contributing our best to society through it, if not we will be in this career threadmill.

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Usually, it is common to hear people give a lot of prescriptions about “how to dos’, however building a great career will need any of the underlisted:

First, you must not overlook your interests and things you love generally.

What do you love passionately and would be fulfilled doing?

Then key into it fully it will help you set out for the right career.

So if you love working to make people feel better, feel loved and literally have fun, then consider the hospitality industry and search for jobs in Hotels, Restaurants, Concierge services, or in aviation.

If you love to act and interpret roles, look for jobs in broadcast media, presenting and the like.

It also dovetails into the second aspect which involves the little things you do daily, which we can consider as your hobbies.

Do seek for jobs in those areas, the good thing is that you will have fun while at work and so be more productive and get a smooth career upgrade.

So many times, we go to school and find out that we are naturally inclined to certain subjects.

Paying attention to those subject areas after school can help you decide a career path.

An example is my own experiences.

I did sciences in secondary school because of my parents’ preference.

But I totally loved reading, literature and English language.

It took a ‘family brawl’ and two wasted years before fate smiled on me and I went on to gain a university admission to study English and Literature which my father reluctantly accepted.

I was one of the best students in my class.

Today, I craft words in different forms and of course that’s why you are reading this.

Again, if you are good at making things, fixing things, explaining things, getting people to take action and more, you should naturally seek career paths that allow those skills you have to be harnessed.

Don’t hide your skills because you think little of certain jobs that your skill set enables.

Examples of such jobs include Carpentry, Cooking, Sales and marketing, Motivational speaking etc.

If you are a friendly person or otherwise, ensure you take note of your interpersonal skill and then look for jobs that will maximize those and bring profit to the organization.

If you also have a 5 year or 10 year plan for yourself, it may also give you a clue as to the kind of job you may consider doing.

So do not ignore your personal goals, if you seek a successful career path.

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Take some lone time, and consider your life priorities, family, health etc to figure this out.

Another great way to find a great career path is to consider the quality of education you have at present and the one you will need as you start a particular job.

If they are your interests and keep you motivated, then you may go ahead in that job sector.

Considering careers around you is also necessary when choosing a job.

If you decide a flying career but do not have an aviation school or airport in your State, and also need more money to pay for added education before starting, then you may never start.

So it is important to look around you and find a job of your interest.

Job security and financial security is another great aspect of career choice to consider.

Getting a job without growth plans and pension as well as security may be a risky option.

There is need to count the cost, know yourself and consider the future while trying to choose a career.

One of the major issues we have especially in Africa and in countries like Nigeria is that people do not consider these and so are usually misfits who only want to get paid.

Getting paid and paying bills is not a career path!

As laughable as that sounds, it is so true and if so many people understand that, they will free up vacancies in a lot of organizations for the right people to occupy while they find their own domain and be the best there.

Guess you enjoyed our post on how to choose a career path right?