A Good Resume with a Poor Cover Letter is Good For Nothing

A Good Resume with a Poor Cover Letter is Good For Nothing

Do you have issues securing an employment? Probably, you lack networking contacts? Or you find it difficult to give the right answers to interview questions?

You are having problems with job search?

This is a common problem with many.

There is yet one more thing you have not done, that is writing you problems down.

Taking an immediate step to solving a problem becomes easier because every great invention or great solution to problem in our present world today began with writing them down.

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You can solve your problem just by taking a step of writing them down.

3 steps are provided below to help you out:

STEP 1: Ask the right questions
The commonly questions asked by most people are depressing and demoralizing which majorly never give solution to their problems.

Questions such as: Don’t I deserve to get a job? Or I don’t know anybody so how do I connect people?

Instead, of asking questions that kills your morale, it pays to ask questions that inspires and motivates you

You can ask better questions such as:

  • How can I make myself employable?
  • What steps were taken by my 10 friends to secure their jobs? How can I get to meet them to get a better method to get a job for myself?
  • How did my last job search work out? How can I make my job search work out again?


Learn to always ask questions you can solve yourself, don’t ask abstract questions. Do not depend on the family, government, your institution, or anyone else to get this done for you.

You will become a prisoner of outside forces if you fail to take up the responsibility to solve the problems of your job search or any other problem.

You are very close to the answer when you have taken the step of asking the right questions.

Now is the best time to start, pick up your pen and write down at least five motivating questions about your job search.

STEP 2: Find at least 20 best possible answers

Mark out the most promising question out from the five questions you have written down.

You are going to use this question to get yourself employed faster.

Using this question as an example;

How could I convince people to call me for job leads?

Then below your question, you write number 1, and you write the first answer to the question and so on till your twentieth answer.

You will need to take out time to brain storm so as to get up to 20 answers or even more for an effective work.

You really need to be committed to this task as your brain will want you to take a nap in the process.

Thinking is never an easy task not even for those that are good at it, it always want to relax, but you have to force it to get to work.

Don’t give in too cheaply; brainstorm because your securing your long term job search depend on this.

Note that it’s not compulsory that all the 20 answers you wrote must be very good.

Your best answer might come after some poor answers.

That is the reason you need to ensure you write up to 20 answers so as to get the best answer deep down from your subconscious mind.

Don’t look down on your ability until you have given it a trial.

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STEP 3: Take immediate action

From the list of answers, pick the most promising answer. Start up immediately by taking all necessary actions.

Take for example, if the most promising answer to your question is to set up a networking meeting with family, friends, and associates, so as to get them informed on your job search.

You need to think on what you need to put in place to make this meeting hold, such as:

  • Making a list of guests
  • Sending invitations
  • Make an estimate of the cost of food, securing a venue etc.
  • Write the order of the program.
  • Get all necessary things needed for the meeting to be a success.

By putting this plan in place then, your networking meeting is already a success.

Once you are done with that, take the next most promising answer from your list.

Follow the same step taken for the first one.

Are you having difficulty in securing an employment? Then write down comprehensible, empowering questions, brainstorm at least 20 possible answers and take deliberate action on the most promising answer now.

By doing this will make you much closer to securing you desired job.

Clear thinking coupled with continuous action gives positive result.

Now is the time for you to get started!