When You Just Lost Excitement About Your New Job

When You Just Lost Excitement About Your New Job

You seem to have just gotten the job of your dream. You did excellently well throughout all the interview stages, because your skills and abilities fit exactly to their requirement.

You were given your appointment letter which you received with excitement; you came out excited about the offer of a new job.

You have informed family and friends that you have finally gotten the exact job you have always wanted.

All seems to be just perfect for you right now.

But suddenly you noticed that since you have been on board, you have not seen what you really expected, the excitement you had initially about this offer had just disappeared.

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Maybe you weren’t given the position you expected, or the job seems more challenging than you ever expected.

Perhaps your boss is just not encouraging as he never gets satisfied with your best.

It seems you did not really land you dream job.

New job syndrome

You seem to be in a dilemma right now as the thought of seeking for another job is coming up in your mind, but before you run to conclusion, it is better to consider that this could be as a result of the newness of the job.

You must understand that in a new job, you have to get used to a new boss, work, people and pattern.

Definitely it should come with new challenges and you must not be too quick to conclude you have picked the wrong job.

Stay calm, start loving the job again even if it doesn’t seems like it.

You must understand that in your former job, you were already used to your job description, your boss, and the management; but this new job might take you sometime to to get familiar with its surroundings.

Give it some reasonable time to be sure the job isn’t right for you.

New boss syndrome

It is common with managers to put on a warm smile when they are hiring you.

But they suddenly turned out to be somebody entirely different from who you thought them to be.

Consider if you can actually work well with your new boss, can you try to navigate your way through to work perfectly with him?

If you find out there is a way to, please don’t think of leaving, work around it because most bosses are like yours.

But if you have discovered overtime that you just cannot cope with him, if all you get around him is heart attack and headache from his unsatisfactory attitude then at this point it might be wise to start seeking another appointment.

New Politics

Every organization have their own internal politics, its normal for a new employee to either be a part of it or get the negative effect of such politics.

You should consider the politics in your new job, if it’s something you can cope with, and if you are not a fun of such politics, you might be taking the right decision to consider leaving.

But you might still give it time as you might get to flow with it soon, especially if you are a flexible person that can work around new  styles, then you can manage through for a while before you decide to leave or not.

Any Benefit of Staying?

This job might be worth staying if you discover that there is a lot for you to learn in it.

There are lot of jobs that might just be a stepping stone to a perfect one.

If you have discovered from the few time you have gotten the job, you have been exposed to new technologies, and you have learnt new skills, and there are still a lot you could learn.

Then leaving isn’t the right choice because this job could add a positive impact to your career which could give you an edge later on.

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Consider staying if you can stand all other unsatisfactory situations around the job.

Can there be a Renegotiation?

Probably the scope of the work was totally different from what you thought it was or you are in a state where the agreed scope of your job was suddenly changed which isn’t really satisfactory for you at all.

Maybe the work load is too much and you are probably in need of assistance.

You can consider a renegotiation with your boss before considering leaving, but if you are not getting any positive response and you cannot cope with the situation, you can consider leaving.

Can you afford to quit?

Are you really prepared to start all over again; take the risk of leaving without an assurance of any job you are going to?

If you can afford quitting this new job after considering that your boss, the politics, the scope and all surrounding the job is not just satisfactory; it’s beginning to have an aftermath effect on you, and then you might be making the right choice.

But be sure you can afford it after you have thoroughly considered the stressful search you did before securing this job, and you might need to begin another search.

You must be prepared before quitting so you don’t stay unemployed for a long time.

What’s next?

I think it is important to note at this point that only you can determine what happens next, whether to stay put to the job, try to make things work out or you leave in search of a better one.

Just like some others that have been in your shoes before decided to stay and they were able to turn things around.

But some others regretted not leaving and some never stayed more than few weeks.

It’s your decision that really matters at this junction.

If you have really consider those salient points we raised earlier then by now you should be sure of what to do.

Don’t ever forget that your health and self esteem must be given priority; while you make your decision think deep.

Know also that looking for another job while still keeping this present one is a good option as you might get the benefit of evaluating your boss, team members and culture which will be useful for you in any interview.

You can also consider taking advice from a friend or colleague.

This could be very helpful as they might have experienced what you are going through and they will definitely be of help in this challenging period. It’s up to you now to make the right decision.

And whatever decision you decide to make is just perfect, not neglecting the experience it might bring; be sure to know that you have gained from it and added a plus to your career which gives an edge in wherever you find yourself next.