Boko Haram attacks Buni Gari town

Boko Haram attacks Buni Gari town

Suspected Boko Haram agitators yesterday assaulted Buni Gari town in Gujba local government region of Yobe state.

The town is located under four kilometers to the 27 taskforce unit & around 53 kilometers to Damaturu, the state capital, is been assaulted the second times under in 30 days.

It was accumulated that the assault began around 6pm on Saturday with irregular discharges & homes being set on fire by the attackers.

Inhabitants that got away to the adjacent forest told reporter that the assault was a retaliation to the slaughtering of 2 activists by a hunters’ gathering in the town.

Baana Musti, uncovered that 10 days back,4 rebels went to the town to forcibly take a lady they alleged to be their better half when the hunters’ gathering stopped them.

“The woman was married to a resident, so the hunter resisted; they killed two, caught and handed over one to military, while the other one escaped. The incident happened 20 days after the insurgents attacked and killed 8 soldiers at the military base,” he said.

Another occupant, who wouldn’t like to be named said they got earlier information that the extremists were intending to assault the town that was the reason numerous individuals fled before their landing.

“Over 2,000 women, children and men are taking refuge in the bush now, in fact, we don’t know what to do. We learnt that they are still burning our houses,” he stated.