2015: Not Amaechi or ACF but God through good works

PRESIDENT Goodluck has come of full age in the politics of survival. He seems to have learnt all the tricks in the kitty of political manipulation.

He now knows how to apply the brake of any fast moving political vehicle when he is not even in the driver’s seat. He has been fully baptised into the inner chamber of this game of manipulation and permutation, which partisan politics stands for.

Looking backwards, however, I dare say that the man knew little of this game-play when he emerged as Vice President in 2007. Nor can it be justifiably concluded that it was his knowledge of the political terrain that threw him up as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces after the demise of his predecessor.

Yes, he did some politicking when he came of full age to contest, on his right, for the presidency of the country in 2011. Even then, the “finger” of God was obviously seen in his life. God sent “helpers of destiny” to him and the difficult task became so simple.

Let us take a few of those notable “obstacles” of that time who were fully prepared to stop him. The Northern Elders Forum, NEF, stood out as first among equals in that battle to stop a South/South man becoming president in Nigeria. The second entity on that battle was no less than one of the controlling “Principalities and Powers” in Nigerian kingdom of darkness – Major General Muhammadu Buhari [rtd]. Please, permit me to say that all the past Military Heads of State; all of them, except Yakubu Gowon maybe, are in the club of Principalities and Powers and they are all, what the Bible called “rulers of darkness in high places”.

The NEF, in that battle, unknowingly worked out the ‘promotion and decoration’ of Jonathan in ascending the throne. They probably meant it for evil to Jonathan when they disqualified a deity, the evil genius himself, who would have made more impact, in favour of  Atiku Abubakar. By that action, the NEF, which carried all the viable Northern groups, including Arewa Consultative Forum, shot itself fatally, and sustained a major “injury” that might take more than 25 years to heal.

Buhari, on the other hand, became victim of his past anti-democratic, draconian and anachronistic actions and he fell in the field of democratic freedom. Besides, his ego of religious fanatic-cum-tribal sentiments levelled him to the dust on the very vital day of electorate reckoning.

These were the events of that time that Jonathan must not forget in hurry. Now, let me go to the reason of the above historical excursion.

Of recent, with the shameful and most disgraceful work-out of the Nigerian Governors Forum, there is no hiding the fact that Jonathan has drawn up some battle plans to shoot down those he perceived as road blocks to his appointment with destiny, come 2015.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Governor of River State, may just be “first among equals” in the “enemies” list. There must be others on the list, one can guess. The pathetic thing about   Jonathan’s list is the inclusion, probably, of the war guru – “Baba” Olusegun Obasanjo himself. What a titanic battle!

There will be casualties of this “enemies” as the race to 2015 leaps, obviously. Though no one can predict the exact outcome of any battle because of the dynamics of war, it is safe to say that there can be “double bumping” sometimes in the arena of hostility. This may mean that per each “enemy” of Jonathan brought down by his “war machine”, he may be, unwittingly, creating more powerful enemies. Let me give one good example of this before telling the President the real enemy that can stop him in 2015.

Formation of the PDP Governors Forum by the ruling party to smear and cut down the influence of the NGF and deal a terrible blow to Governor Amaechi has back fired, to say the least. Now, all those Governors that voted for Amaechi [the enemy] as against Jonah Jang [the friend] are now actual enemies of Jonathan because the truth is that, NGF election is not between Amaechi and Jang but between President Jonathan and Amaechi. This unnecessary creation and extension of the enemy territorial power base would have been avoided if only Mr President ignored the so-called Governor Amaechi influence factor.

What the President needs to know is the name of the actual ENEMY that can stop him in 2015. That enemy is neither Governor Amaechi nor Aliyu Babangida [who co-ordinated the Northern Governors for Jonah Jang, only to cast his vote for Amaechi, according to Chief E.K Clark]. Not even the North [which North?], speaking through ACF plus ECF can stop Jonathan as an enemy in 2015.

The real enemy that can, and will surely stop you in 2015, Mr President, is when you fail to perform. Take the energy sector for an example my dear President. If only you can fix it against all odds and move Nigeria to the region of 15 – 20 KWA before 2015, angels from heaven will surely come down to join millions of Nigerians to nominate, campaign and vote for you.

If the truth must be told, as things are now, if you were to even secure the ticket of your party – PDP – to run and contest the elections of 2015, the Nigerian electorate will reject you. The foundation of such massive rejection will be purely “your inability to perform” and there is no any other sector that performances can better be appreciated in Nigeria of today than fixing the energy sector.

And you can do it if you don’t allow these “household enemies” [your PDP brothers] to deceive you. Don’t allow them to lead you to your doomsday in 2015 by giving you an automatic ticket or any other Hosanna language.  These same people will shout crucify him after your fall and quickly queue behind whoever comes next.

So it is your works, my dear President, not the enemy, that can stop you in 2015.

Mr. GODWIN ETAKIBUEBU, a commentator on national  issues, wrote from Lagos.


2015: Not Amaechi or ACF but God through good works

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