Executive Job Search: How to Find a Job Faster

Executive Job Search: How to Find a Job Faster

How to Find a Job Faster – Writing a cover letter as resume writing is very vital for job seekers. The resume is accompanied by the cover letter at all times as a backup document.

So, in whatever platform of submission, whether through direct submission or through email or any other type of electronic submission, cover letters must be sent along side your resume.

There are some other important tools needed for job search, but first on the list is your resume and cover letter.

Having a good skill in writing cover letter and resume, writing any other letters won’t be an issue.

The focus of your cover letter is to get the attentions of the human resource manager similarly as in resume writing.

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However, there are differences in methods and formats used for the two writings.

Your resume covers mostly your entire professional career covering about one to two pages.

While your cover letter will be a brief descriptive page serving as an introduction to your resume, it must be straight to the point, catching the attention of the reader right from the first word, with the purpose of ensuring the reader reads your attached resume.

Many tend to say too much when writing this letter, which is not necessary in writing a good cover letter.

A short and direct cover letter emphasizing two to three key points from the resume is just perfect.

You must tell them exactly what you want them to know in your resume writing and your cover letter.

For example if you are a plant manager in a production company, in search of another offer, your writing must show your key role in your present employment – to ensure zero waste and that the target set by management is met.

Your writing must show that you value your present work.

Details of how these goals were accomplished will be explained explicitly in your resume.

While your cover letter points out to your employer that you actually accomplish them.

This could be written in the body of the cover letter as bulleted paragraphs as written bellow:

  • Experienced in quality control and quality assurance MRP, ISO 9000, QS 9000.
  • Demonstrated results in waste reduction and meeting up with the target set by the management thereby ensuring profit for the company.

Based on research, Human resource managers only use 15 seconds to review each resumes and cover letters.

Having this in mind should make you know that your resume and cover letter must be of topmost quality to get this person read through it.

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You must also have this at the back of your mind while writing your resume that it must be able to get the reader to want to grant you an opportunity for interview.

You must also develop an excellent interviewing skill to get yourself the chance of getting the job offer.

With a good cover letter writing skills you can land yourself into a life changing experience of job satisfaction with a nice pay.