5 Creative Ways to Getting Employed

5 Creative Ways to Getting Employed

Here’s 5 creative ways to getting employed – You may have tried several means to secure yourself an employment, but they had all been effort in futility.

You have probably searched through all job website you know of, including several applications you have sent to companies you are qualified to work in, all to no avail.

It’s not the time to give up; here are some creative ways you probably have not yet considered:

Send Half of Your Resume

Send a well-written cover letter to a company you wish to work.

Ensure it entails why you best fit into the position you are applying for, referring them to your sealed resume.

You might be lucky to get a call for a conversation because they might assume the resume fell out of the mail.

Play smart; ensure the envelope containing the resume isn’t sealed.

Go the extra mile to secure the job of your dream.

Send chain email

Make a list of companies you are interested in working, get a contact or mail of one of their workers, to send in a well written your resume and cover letter for delivery.

Ask them to contact you to request for a referral.

It could just be your golden opportunity.

Do a creative write-up

Develop a well written short booklet containing information that is relevant to the company you want to get employment, distribute it for free, publicize it through the internet also.

Be strategic enough to make sure the Human Resource Manager get to see it.

Your job offer might just be waiting for your creativity; you never can tell.

Call Human Resource Department

Though this sounds difficult but it’s not as serious as you think.

Try to get the contact of the human resource department, push a call across to them to ask for the third party recruiting firm they work with for recruitment of staffs.

Sure you would be asked the reasons for your question; be quick to respond to them that their company isn’t in need of someone with your qualifications, but they might need you.

Request for a recommendation letter so as to appear in their upcoming interview; this would be an advantage for you, and you might be very lucky it comes out fine.

If it does, don’t forget to be grateful.

Send an appreciation letter.

These are creative tips that can help you after all other normal processes have refused to work out.

You too can still brainstorm some other creative way to get yourself employed.

Good luck!