President Buhari’s government has failed Nigerians – Saraki

President Buhari’s government has failed Nigerians – Saraki

Senate President Saraki, on Tuesday, December 25, revealed that things are strong for the citizens because of the dimension of neediness in the nation. The Senate president likewise maintained that the APC & the current authority has failed the citizens.

This was made by Saraki on a live program broadcasted by 4 radio stations: Radio Nigeria (Harmony FM) Idofian, Royal FM, Sobi FM & Radio Kwara

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Saraki stated: “Times are very hard for the masses as a result of the level of poverty in the country.”

Without bias, the current government has failed Nigerians. They should consequently guarantee they vote in favor of a pioneer that will address hardship & restore the economy.

“Nigerians will vote in February 2019 but the business community has already passed a vote of no confidence in this present government.”

“I therefore urge Nigerians to vote out this government and vote a man (Atiku) that will restore investors’ confidence and get Nigeria working again. It is only one party that loves the common people and that is our party, the PDP.”

I am in government to help my kin. When I crusaded in 2015, I swore to Nigerians that my previous gathering, APC, will fix the problem of uncertainty, joblessness & hardship but sadly the gathering has flopped on all these 3 scorelines.

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“I express gratitude toward God Almighty for the position that was given to Kwara as the number three native.”

“We have cut over our zonal mediation extends in the state which was unimaginable in the initial four years as a story part at the seventh Senate since positioning individuals increase the value of the network/voting demographic.”