Top 10 Additional Tips for Saving Money

Top 10 Additional Tips for Saving MoneyPhoto Credit: Getty - Stock

Do you really need to have all of these expenses? Have a look at your bank statement and see where the money actually goes! I have started keeping a money diary which lets me keep track of what I’m spending where – and this has really helped me to save money!

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Below is top 10 additional tips for saving money

  1. Buy clothes and presents when they are on sale
  2. The odds of winning the lottery are slim… can you really afford those weekly lottery tickets?
  3. Do you really need to be on the premium satellite TV package? Or could you get by on the cheaper package? Think of how much money you’ll save!
  4. It’s cheaper (and healthier) to cook your own meals rather than eating ready made meals!
  5. Always fight your traffic, speeding and parking tickets!
  6. Don’t ever buy extended warranties! If you have ever bought one and tried to claim from it – you’ll realise it’s never worth it!
  7. Shop online and save!
  8. Make your own lunch and don’t just buy something every day!
  9. Keep a money diary. Make a note of what you spend your money on – you’ll be amazed!
  10. Don’t always assume things… for instance – buying bulk occasionally saves you money – but not always! Look at the prices of the individual items and see if they really will save you money before you just add it!