Open Letter to Writers by Seun Ogunmola

Open Letter to Writers by Seun Ogunmola

Dear (frustrated) Writer,

I am writing to You because I am a writer too and somehow I have found a way not to be frustrated.

I know how it feels when You think You have written a MASTERPIECE and then it is criticised like a SLAVE…no be say dem even dey pay You o.

You see ehn, You are writing because WRITING is what writers do..

You are not writing for likes, comments and accolades..

If and when they come, enjoy the accolades.

You deserve some accolades too..

If they dont, keep writing… You are a writer so WRITE!!!…

And You Boda “Standard Organization of Nigeria”, ordinary one page formal letter You cannot write without supervision, yet, You are the Editor-in-Chief of other people’s works.. #WehDoneSir…

You deserve a particular genre of slap we call “IFOTI” in yoruba.

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Finally my dear writer jare,

You should take some clues from little Success of Sapele… Dem think say dem sabi criticise your work abi?

Keep writing…write, write, write and write, dem go criticise so tey dem go taya… then You would have become the world-class (if possible Bestseller) writer You always wanted to become.

Till then, keep writing.. Ma je ki aye cancel trip e!!!

Thank You.

Yours faithfully,

Your fellow (un-frustrated) Writer.