Top 5 Tips for Writing Popular Blog Posts

Top 5 Tips for Writing Popular Blog Posts

Popular blog posts naturally tend to attract viewers more than their ordinary counterparts, why?

They are “popular” however, you can write them so terribly and end up surprising yourself in the fact that no one gets to click them or perhaps very few would click compared to your expectations; yeah right, the post was popular and was supposed to be pounced on while it’s juicy and hot, but it didn’t.

It doesn’t really work that way.

No matter how popular a blog post is, if it lacks just one of the ingredients I’m about to share with you, it would lose its virtual curb appeal; online attractiveness and people won’t even realize it’s on your blog before talking about clicking on it.

Now the most interesting part of these tips I’ll be sharing with you is that by reading this content you will be using a stone to bring down two birds.

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These tips won’t just be telling you how to write popular blog posts but also to make your unpopular blog posts gain massive traffic and following if you apply them.

Top 5 Tips for Writing Popular Blog Posts

We present to you the top 5 Tips for Writing Popular Blog posts

Know Your Audience

This tip is very important that it couldn’t have been in any position other than number one whether the tips are being listed in their order of relevance or not, it just has to be first.

You need to know the kind of content your audience likes to munch on before writing anything.

Knowing what they consume can help you know what to feed them with.

The reality of ignoring this is that the post might be popular halfway around the world but if it does not relate with your audience it is useless and plain boring to them.

Our site HyNaija is a multi-niche blog covering a wide range of topics, information and what’s new, the audience in this blog is really vast and many blog post will make sense to a lot of people there but say you are blogging about weight loss, every post should revolve around it, you are blogging to a desperate audience and anything asides this no matter how interesting it might seem would be termed hogwash by your audience.

There are some tools that can help you know what your audience is constantly in search of like the Twitter advanced search and Google Keyword Planner.

Your Headline Should Be Inviting

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation; I’m searching for where I can make digital billboards along a certain street and then I meet a lady who smiles at me and says “please come in here, we make digital billboards” that is exactly what your headline does.

It beckons on your audience to come to get what it is they are looking for.

The lady is attractive firstly and I’m a dude, then she smiles at me and she has what I’m looking for, you get the concept?

You don’t make your headline stale and uninteresting, then expect people to click, it has to be tempting and attractive.

Headlines are like the signposts, gateways, portals and every adjective you can use to describe ushering in or luring someone into your blog post.

Feel free to sugarcoat it and let it appear delectable else you might have to question the definition of popularity.

Make Them Easy To Read

People don’t like to stress themselves, they could be looking for answers or trying to enjoy themselves online and you could be ruining all that if your blog posts are always difficult to read.

Simplify things down, since you now know your audience, at least you have an idea of what they like, your writing tone and diction should resonate with them.

Use subheadings and bold them.

Let certain significant points go down in bullets, this will aid readability and help your audience either enjoy the experience or find the answers they seek; if they are finding solutions in a particular niche.

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Most times people could just skim through the subheadings and they are already satisfied, some could just go through the bullets and call it a day.

So if your post is too cluttered with words that are poorly arranged, not formatted, bad font style or size, and errors, it makes reading one hell of a job for your audience.

They could just peep in and leave because what they are seeing isn’t worth reading.

Include Clear Images

Tips for Writing Popular Blog PostsImages are like the icing on the cake.

They make descriptions easier and generally the entire blog post attractive and lucid.

A pictorial representation of what you are writing about can be the best thing that could happen to a particular reader’s experience of your blog.

Some people understand better with pictures, you don’t want to deny them of that.

Strategically place the pictures in the post where they can really be of tremendous help to readers.

Ensure the images scream of quality and clarity, don’t just fetch pictures from the web and slap them up the post.

They could end up blurry and frustrate your readers.

Most of the images might need to be edited before you can use them, do the needful in such cases.

We all love vivid pictures, they make things exciting online.

However, not all blog post will demand the usage of images, your discretion should be employed here.

Use Keywords

The practice of using keywords in blog posts is termed SEO which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimizations.

These keywords beyond increasing the visibility of a post in Google, are like clichés used in a particular niche and your audience are used to them already so they flow better with them.

Don’t use words that are alien to what they are used to already, they would definitely frown at it.

The keywords would form part of the phrases or the only phrase that people will key into search engines to find information and using the right keywords makes you accessible.

There is a more technical aspect to this however which you can get by taking a full course on SEO or by hiring an SEO company in Nigeria.


The uniqueness of these tips is in the fact they are all important.

Without knowing the demands of your audience, you can’t feed them.

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If your headline is not catchy enough, although you know what they want, you can’t lead them to it and even if you’ve succeeded in leading them to it if you present to them a poorly cooked meal in the form of a difficult-to-read text, they’ll pass.

That’s the major sequence, stick to it and start garnering massive followings with your blog posts henceforth.

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