NLC gave December 31 deadline to FG over Minimum wage

NLC gave December 31 deadline to FG over Minimum wage

The organised labour has given the Federal Government to December 31 to address the tripartite panel message an account of N30,000 lowest pay to the National Assembly following a choice that was made in Lagos on Thursday at a joint gathering of 3 work organisation—the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) & the United Labour Congress (ULC).

Labour revealed that the final proposal pursued President Buhari’s explanation that a “high powered technical committee” would be organised to find methods for guaranteeing that the usage of the new pay did not prompt an expansion in the dimension of taking loans.

NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, who tended to newsmen after the gathering, said that putting up a specialized board of trustees couldn’t be a requirement for passing the lowest pay comminique to the National Assembly. As indicated by Wabba, the organised labour can’t ensure mechanical harmony & peace in the nation if the pay comminique was not passed for usage before December 31.

“We reject in its entirety the plan to set up another `high powered technical committee’ on the minimum wage. It is diversionary and a delay tactics. The national minimum wage committee was both technical and all-encompassing in its compositions and plan to set up a technical committee is alien to the tripartite process. It is also alien to the International Labour Organisations’ conventions on national minimum wage setting mechanism,’’ he revealed.

The labour chief said that the concern on installment of the lowest pay permitted by law was a law that was all inclusive, refering that other African nations like, Kenya, Ghana & South Africa had raised their lowest pay permitted by law this year.