N70,000 is unrealistic for a new passport – Labour Leaders Tells FG

N70,000 is unrealistic for a new passport – Labour Leaders Tells FG

N70,000 is unrealistic for a new passport – Labour Leaders Tells FG –  Labour leaders have condemned the Federal Government for the arranged increment of the charge to be paid by Nigerians to get travel document.

The News Agency of Nigeria reviews that the Nigerian Immigration Service had declared that the new e-international ID, to be legitimate for a period of ten years will cost N70,000 with impact from March 4.

The labour heads told NAN on Wednesday in Lagos that numerous laborers can’t have the capacity to travel to foreign land except if the charge is looked into downwards.

The Deputy General Secretary of the United Labor Congress, Mr Chris Onyeka, revealed to NAN that it was harsh to expand the cost of travel documents at a period where Nigerians were battling with monetary difficulties.

”Government finds it difficult to pay N30,000 to workers, but it is easy to increase the cost of getting a passport from N22,000 to N70,000.”

“The fact that the NIS has extended the number of years from five to 10 years is not a good reason to triple the cost of the passport.’’

Onyeka begged the NIS to cut down the cost to N40,000 or N50,000 to empower the people to bear the cost of the document.

“It will be difficult for Nigerians to travel on the new price and this development will hamper their fundamental human rights.’’

Leader of the National Union of Chemical, Footwear, Rubber, Leather and Non-Metallic Product Employees, Mr. Olagoke Olatunji, additionally denounced the new charge, pleading for a descending check.

Olatunji noticed that it would take a laborer on the present N18, 000 lowest pay permitted by law as long as 4 months’ pay to obtain an international ID with the new cost.

Additionally, the TUC in an announcement said that it was unfeeling with respect to the NIS to increase international ID charges as at now.

“The congress condemns in its entirety what the NIS has proposed and we may adopt any measure we consider right to ensure that the new international passport does not exceed N50, 000.”

The TUC President, Mr Bobboi Kaigama & the Secretary of the body, Mr Musa Lawal-Ozigi, in the announcement, said that if permitted to scale through, government employees would save their pay for 3 months with the new lowest pay permitted by law to pay for a passport.

”What about feeding, rent, school fees and other utilities? This will not work. We appeal to the NIS to look into the matter.”

The TUC said that the charge increasement would likewise affect numerous Nigerians, who had been utilizing their travel papers for business dealings.

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