How to Recover When a Guy Doesn’t Love You Back

How to Recover When a Guy Doesn’t Love You BackPhoto Credit: Perspectives Of Troy

One situation that most women during her ‘single’ days will identify with is falling in love with a guy who fails to reciprocate to her feelings. It’s indeed painful an experience and she might feel that recovery from such a state is next to impossible.

But you should not feel belittled by the pain and agony of all this, as this is meant to strengthen you.

It’s surprising but you can actually move beyond this and definitely, happier relationships in life.

The first thing that you must understand is take a firm decision in moving on.

You read that right! You will have to WANT to get past those feelings even before anybody tells you the same. One question I usually ask any girl going through a heartbreak is; Do you think the guy is the feeling the same about you?

If you have made your mind to wallow inside the ‘personal pity party’ state, there’s little doubt if you will again be able to come out of the sad phase.

This is primarily because you made a decision to feel disgusted throughout your life, just because ONE MAN didn’t return your love.

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How about thinking about it for a minute or so? Take out those 60 seconds and consider about your decision. Then ask yourself how much sense it carries.

Now that you are into clear thinking and decided to move ahead in the recovery process, the next step is accepting it is not going to work out.

It might be possible that you have tried all those ‘feminine wiles’ and strategies to woo the man who you love affectionately, but to no effect.

Also you have been trying various measures to beautify yourself.

For example, getting back in a great shape, some new hairstyles thrown in or new makeup techniques; all of which are intended to make him notice the changed you, your body that slips inside the sizzling new bikini you got.

However, if he fails to notice all that, it’s time you think otherwise.

What is awful is when you suddenly run into him and that too when he’s with a date who is not nearly that pretty as you, but he seems to be totally smitten by her.

Don’t wonder where you went wrong.

Simply accept that his tastes in women somehow don’t match yours, and that can be for various reasons.

If you FEEL grieved and angered because things are not working out with the man, you are mistaken.

You are free to act in whichever manner you feel will help you get rid of it from your system.

Cry, scream, throw and break things, do whatever and everything’s totally okay.

But be cautious enough to see that you are just throwing and breaking off things that belong to you and not others.

It’s much like death to you, but perhaps these were never alive to the man either.

Still, you are in the process of grieving and reality said, it actually helps you heal.

Once you are over with all these above-mentioned steps, do not make the mistake of avoiding people.

Your friends and companions will not only be there, but help you in every possible way.

Take their help, for it’ll help you feel better.

Spend time with them and once you’re ready, introduce yourself to guys or take their assistance when doing so who will prove to be perfect for you.

You never know, someone may actually turn out to be THE PERFECT GUY!