How to Become a Successful Internet Marketer (A Must Read)

How to Become a Successful Internet Marketer (A Must Read)Photo Credit: CEO Today

Want to know how to become a successful Internet Marketer? Back in 2014, when I started my first niche site, it was a complete failure.

I had no money to invest in it, put all my salaries that I earned from a freelance job in building and growing it.

I couldn’t make any profit but I did learn some VERY important lessons that helped me become a better internet marketer and manager.

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1. In IM, you’ve to keep yourself updated/upgraded with all the latest happenings, strategies and skills all the time.

2. Profit is not something you can achieve overnight.

3. You can’t do everything on your own. You need a team of good people who are better than you in their respective skills.

4. The 3 most important keys to success in IM are patience, consistency and hardwork.

5. The person who manages/controls everything always makes the most money.

6. Keep your business separate from your personal life. (Specifically for people working from home)

7. You cant run a sustainable business if you are unhealthy.

8. IM doesn’t provide any social security you’ve to keep saving some % of money every month to run a sustainable business. (This one is probably entrepreneur’s biggest headache)

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9. Avoid working with friends and family. It creates mess that many wont like to face especially on regular basis.

10. Live a good life.

I hope this post helps people who are just planning on starting their IM career.

Do share your experiences and the lessons you learned in your internet marketing careers.

God bless all.

Written by Usman Hassan