Get number plates or risk your vehicles – FRSC warns commuters

Get number plates or risk your vehicles – FRSC warns commuters

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), has warned commuters without number plates against flying Nigeria roads.

The spokesperson of the commission, Bisi Kazeem, in a press release on Friday was quoted saying: “This is a necessary step in ensuring the security of lives and properties of the citizens, by controlling and reducing the rate of crime”.

“The National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR) 2012 was made pursuant to section 5(e) of the FRSC (Establishment) Act, 2007 and specifies the type of Identification Number Plates for all categories of vehicles including motorcycles, tricycles and omnibus”.

“Regulations 39(9) of the NRTR 2012 provides that “All private and commercial vehicles shall as from the commencement of these regulations have on them Vehicle Identification Number Plates referred to in this regulation, and it shall be an offence for any vehicle not to have the said Identification Number Plates. Vehicles in this context include motorcycles and tricycles”

“The clampdown, in collaboration with other security agencies will help in the reduction of crimes to further bring down the rate of insecurity,” he said.