Dating Body Language – Is Your Date Into You?

Dating Body Language – Is Your Date Into You?

Understanding the basics of dating body language is a skill that really has it’s rewards. I mean, have you ever had the frustrating experience of being out on a date, and feeling totally unsure how things are going?

You can’t tell if your date is “into” you, or not.

Maybe they’re really keen on you, or they’re looking for the nearest exit!

You’re just not reading the dating nonverbal signals being sent.

But, don’t panic! You’re not Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”; in other words, you’re not all alone.

Not being able to work out the non-verbal cues a guy or girl you’re dating is sending, happens more often than you might think. Particularly on first or second dates, when you don’t know the person well.

The trick is, though, you have to know what to look for, how to read people.

You need to pick up on those subtle body language signals that can clue you in to what your date is actually thinking.

Why Dating Body Language Signals Hold the Key

Body language experts, such as Allan & Barbara Pease, suggest that a person’s movements, and gestures, tell much more about who they are, and what they’re thinking, than their words.

Being able to decipher dating nonverbal signals accurately can help improve the romantic side of your life.

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You can tell who is really into you, and who’s just passing time!

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. – Peter F. Drucker

Reading Dating Body Language – Tips for Men and Women

Watch Those Hand Movements

How a person holds their hands will tell you a lot about their disposition.

Generally, when a woman exposes the palms of her hands and her wrists, she is comfortable and interested.

When a man talks with his hands, he, too, is comfortable and interested.

Be forewarned, though, people who make large gestures with their hands believe that they are in charge of the situation.

What Body Position Tells You About Your Date

A woman who is leaning toward a man is expressing interest.

If she’s leaning back or turned away, that’s a sure sign it’s not going well.

A man who sits with his legs apart is interested in the woman he’s with.

However, he may also be looking for a casual fling, so be careful if you’re seeking a long-term relationship and commitment.

The Eyes Have It!

Both men and women tend to raise their eyebrows when their interest is aroused.

Additionally, other nonverbal behavior, such as licking lips, parting lips and an open face, all indicate interest in both men and women.

Fidgeting – The Dating Nonverbal Signal “Super Clue”

Women tend to fidget, or play with their hair, jewelry or clothing when they’re attracted to a guy.

It’s a sign they’re flirting.

And, men give a similar physical cue.

When they touch their face, or run their fingers through their hair, it’s a good sign.

It means he’s preening or prettifying himself.

He’s definitely keen, and he’s listening to you!

Touching – Sensual Non-Verbal Communication At It’s Best

In both men and women, if the person you’re dating reaches out to touch you, they’re intrigued!

Men tend to touch hands, or a woman’s hair.

Women tend to touch shoulders, arms, or a man’s leg if she’s really captivated! Touching hands in both men and women is a sign of intimacy, and a genuine emotional or physical attraction.

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So, there you have it, a very basic guide to dating nonverbal signals – the “silent indicators” of what your date is really thinking!

Take advantage of this information the next time you’re out on a date.

Pay attention to the cues your date is giving you.

Nonverbal behaviors like touching, fidgeting, and facial expressions all provide useful insights into what’s going on inside someone’s mind.

By reading dating nonverbal signals accurately, it can help save you from awkward and sometimes painful situations, giving you a better chance of finding the person who’s right for you.