Customers Satisfaction Is A Key (A Helpful Guide)

Customers Satisfaction Is A Key (A Helpful Guide)Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered about why Customers Satisfaction is a key? Here is the story.

I was on my way to Ijebu yesterday when I saw something that challenge me to put up this article, though I have had it in mind to talked about this someday but the inspiration came through yesterday.

I was in a Keke going from Ijebu-Ode to Ijebu-Ife (45mins drive), I didn’t even notice it at the onset because I was the first in the keke and it almost took 30mins for the Keke to take a full load of passengers.

Exactly a minute we took off, the Keke guy put his plasma TV on and say to the passengers please enjoy your fare at the full capacity, we all burst into laughter saying see packaging ooo.

I asked him how much he bought the mobile TV, he said N15,000 and I also asked what inspired him to do that – he said the journey is rough due to bad road and he wants his passengers to feel relax while they transit in his keke.

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After saying all these, I kept quiet for sometime relating this scenario to the business world. This guy doesn’t just care about the fare but also cares about the wellbeing of his passengers.

Truly, throughout the journey none of the passengers complained about the bad road, but fixed their eyes on the screen watching an American comedy film titled “Mad Buddies”.

Despite the terrible road, we are all laughing while watching the comic film.

According to the guy, this is what gives him joy, he doesn’t like his passengers to feel bored and dull.

And, I think this guy is just like me;

Several people has asked me why don’t I write “Catfish, Garri and Rabbit for Sale” at the farm gate and let people come to the farm themselves, instead of the stress of taking it customers house.

I replied, the idea is not just to sell my goods, the idea is to make my customers felt convenient buying my goods, relieving them of their stress and saving their time.

I had been doing this for over 4months now, and it has helped me well in selling my goods.

I don’t wait for the customers to call me, I just prepared the smoked fish fresh and hot and take it out on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – these are days most people are planning to make new soup.

There was a period of time, I didn’t take my fish out, I received series of calls that Oga, we can’t eat other fish cos your fish taste is unique to others.

There was a customer that told me, Baba Eleja for the past few weeks I didn’t see you – I had not ate catfish for those period and I’m seriously hungry for it.

Let me be Frank with you, nothing is so special about my fish to others in the market – it was because I had programmed my customers to eat my fish every weekend.

With this idea, I had just few customers that are willing to eat my fish every weekend. I’m okay with this, customers satisfaction is the real aspect of business.

This is also the way I sell my 3in1 garri lunch pack, I made sure retailers sells my goods fast so they can come back to get more.

The very first time I went out to sell the garri, and after about a week I didn’t received any calls.

I went out again to check the retailers, I noticed that some of them are not displaying the items very well in their store making it difficult for their customers to see.

I told them how to display it, and this has worked as they calls every week to bring more garri lunch pack, and for every individual that buys my garri I call or went back to asked the product taste and preferences.

Though, this is stressful to achieve but if you want to make your products go global then you must put yours customers satisfaction at heart.

When they are happy with your services, they will refer other people to you.

They will even advertise your goods in your absence and can go any lenght to convince others to buy your goods.

I love to use Konga for my online purchases cos they had great feedback team, just made a mistake of ordering an items on Konga.

Konga will start calling you a day to the delivery date, they will told the original seller to call you first, and they will call the second day to see whether the seller has called you or not.

There was a time in Kogi, I ordered for a power bank that cost N6000 and after I noticed the delivery charges cost N3500 making a total of N9500.

I made a mistake of not cancelling the transaction and boom the “calling wahala” comes.

The original seller call me first, I told him I’m no longer interested in buying the power bank cos the delivery charges is way too high than what I budgeted for.

The second day Konga called me, i told them the same thing.

The third day again, they called me – they said they are very sorry for the inconveniences that I didn’t later get what I ordered.

They said they had credited my Konga account N250 to use for future transaction.

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On another note;

I hate to hear the statement where is the market, if people doesn’t comes to you why don’t you go to them.

Three days ago, someone ordered a set of Rabbit Colonies from me (2males, 4females), instead of using the regular carton to carry the Rabbits – I used an attractive basket that exposed the Rabbit for people to see.

While I’m on my way, people kept asking me what is this lovely creature then I told them it is foreign Rabbit…

I quickly seized the opportunity to advertise to them, telling them the purposes and how it grow very fast eating just grasses and low diet feed, plus having a white meat free of fat and very low cholesterol which is more saver for eating.

Sincerely, 10people collected my number, even at the ATM where I went to collect money, a guy in a car drop by, he said he’s on his way to PortHarcout and asked can I supply to his uncle who had a poultry farm in Edo state?

At this 21st Century, failure is not an excuse… Whatever you are into, get the right customers and if they refused to come to you, pls go to them.

Know every details about your product, do not just care about the profit – also care about customers satisfaction … Show them the reason to keep coming for your goods, this will stand your product out, even if the market is already saturated.

Hope you how know why Customers Satisfaction is a key?

Written by Mayowa Durosinmi-Etti
Watch this youtube on why customer satisfaction is important?