My Experience with UBER – Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr

My Experience with UBER – Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr

Yesterday, an Uber guy picked me up and I asked him to turn on the A/C and he did. Mid way into the trip, I noticed the guy’s eyes was itching him and I asked is it conjunctivitis (apollo like it’s called locally)?

The guy said yes, explaining that his daughter passed it on to him. I empathized with him but then I asked him if he realizes that this was highly contagious. At this point, I asked that he wound down the glasses.

So imagine me on Lagos road by 1pm heading from the Mainland to the Island for a meeting without an A/C car on #Uber platform. To make matters worse, we spent 40 minutes on 3rd Mainland alone. This was one of longest trip to the island in recent times and I was sweating so profusely. Here’s what makes the matter worse, there was a GPS malfunction (like Uber would say) and I was overcharged for the trip.

All through yesterday, I kept praying that this thing is thing does not hit me but my eyes are acting funny this morning. Damn! I am so so annoyed but who would be annoyed with Uber or the driver?

Honestly, Uber no chop ‘winch’ to know that a driver was so unwise to hit the road knowing fully well that others might be infected. But then I was using their service, so should they be absolved completely. This should be a good case to deal with in foreign courts because if someone contracts an illness while using a service the person can claim damages, if they badly affected.

I guess am only dreaming o because I won’t test this is Naija courts o. Hmnnn, the judge might even fling the case out and insult me for bringing an ‘apollo’ case before his/her prestigious court.

Right now, I am watching my eyes but still visibly angry because am one of those who complain that 24 hours isn’t even enough due to my daily routine. Now, I have to hope that this experience does take me out of the radar for another 3-7 days.

Finally, this was not you unschooled Uber driver o, this guy spoke good English, so I wonder what he is thinking. While I blame him, I also said to myself maybe he is so broke that he to come look for what his family will eat.

What a complicated matter for real! Well, this was my Uber experience yesterday – simply look at the eyes of your drivers before you move, if you use one. – END OF STORY

Written by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr