Build your Career on Character

Build your Career on Character

Build your Career on Character – Your personality and ability can earn you a position, but only your character will keep you there. Excuses remain available to those who want to give it, but it has no reward, only those that do their work diligently get rewarded.

Once a man lacks integrity and a good character, he won’t be able to get to the peak of his career, regardless of how far he has gone.

Political intelligence plays a significant role in success in business.

Below are a few things you should put in place when it comes to character development:

Take Responsibility

Don’t ever forget that you are to take responsibility for your career.

Your career cannot be planned by the Human Resource Department of your organization.

You should take full responsibility for it.

Don’t forget that company’s major interest is making a profit and your promotion, growth career wise is not the primary focus of your company.

So don’t wait to be promoted, work for it.

Dress for success

The way you dress determines the way you will be addressed; you should dress to suit your career.

There are different dress codes for various jobs.

Ensure you always dress well above your present level.

Even if you are just a supervisor now, dress like a manager.

Keep your Integrity

According to Alan Simpson “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

The more your integrity is shown at work, the more you are trusted by your employer.

And this brings about promotion for you in your organization.

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Every employer is seeking for those that could be trusted; nobody wants a cheat.

Give full support to your company

Wherever your treasure lies there you will keep your heart is a true statement.

Don’t ever accommodate the thought to bash your employer.

Remember you have the choice to leave or to stay there.

And now that you are still there it’s your decision.

Complaining about everything in your company cannot resolve any issue, instead give your support, do your duties well.

Promote your Boss

A wise decision you need to make is to give all you can to see that your boss gets promoted by your contributions and hard work.

Remember it has a positive impact in-turn on your career, as there may be a vacant space in front where you could be promoted to as your boss gets promoted.

Know your Company

Endeavour to know the history of your company; the background executives, career path, and core values.

Get connected with great people in the company, interview them, and learn from their story, failures and successes.

You will benefit from this as you build your career.

Get connected to as many as you can, because creating a network of relationship with great people in your field is worth the price of gold.

Watch your words

Beware of gossip; a Spanish proverb says “Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.”

Be very careful of your words, always assume your words whether spoken or written would be heard by all in your company.

With this guarding you, be sure to say things that won’t get you in a mess.

It might destroy the career you are trying to build.

Take note of the following:

  • Always think deep before you respond to any situation or anybody, remember it might just be a trap.
  • Try not to speak whenever you are angry, wait until you are much calm, to avoid speaking rashly;
  • Never get out of control, it’s risky to say what you shouldn’t it might turn out worse than you thought.
  • Watch the tone of your messages; be sure it’s not offensive, and ensure business messages are official.
  • Stay clear of office politics; don’t interfere in things you cannot handle.

Keep the Reputation of Hard work

Don’t ever be a latecomer, It’s better to get to work early and leave late than otherwise.

Everyone wants the reputation of hard work, but only those that works hard gets it.

Hard work entails you maintaining a work/life balance; you will need to take work out of the office to your home, in that way you can be more productive.

Deliver just fine

You have to be sure of what your boss requires from you so you can deliver just that.

Hard work is not just about working but also doing the right thing, and the right thing is getting a result.

Always be a good employee to your boss, be willing to do all you are asked to do and do it just fine.

You can always share your idea with wisdom without any bridge in a relationship with your boss.

Give Credit to People

Don’t ever be selfish to take all the credit to yourself endeavour to credit others.

If you don’t do so, with time, you will lose the commitment of people working with you.

Purposefully appreciate and reward people for their effort, you build a good relationship that way.

You build a career based on character and integrity in this way.


You can only build a lasting and fruitful career based on character and integrity, trying corning way will never work out.

Do the right things to get the right result.