How To Appreciate Your Single Parent

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Want to know how to appreciate your single parent?

“My son cannot marry any woman from a broken home, she has to have been raised by both parents, what does a woman know about raising a child alone?”

Till date, that has been the most ignorant statement I have ever heard a supposed “learned” person utter.

Actually, what my face conveyed was Is this one okay sha?”

And then you find some people, who are ashamed of being raised by single parents, so much that they deny it as if its a plaque.

If you are one of those, desist now!

When a single mother raises you (I’m sticking to mothers because I was raised by one) you learn to be compassionate, bold and fearless all at once.

Kai my mother cannot raise you to become the type of girls that aspire to become baby mamas.

Check out what single mothers do:

They Play The Role of Both Parents

This is a lot of work oh! And trust me I am not talking about just the monetary aspect because I was a handful as a child.

She feeds, you, clothes you, caters for your education, advises you at the perilous age of boys, sticks by you when menstruation pain strikes, sticks her neck out for you even when she’s at risk.

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She Goes To Work

Don’t get it twisted o, she still works.

Does your regular 9:00 am to 7:oo pm job.

And then she rushes home to cook for you after which she sits with you to do your assignment and study with you.

Then she tucks you into bed, tidy the house and try to get some sleep.

At the crack of dawn, she is up, preparing your meal, ironing your uniform, before waking you up and then dropping you at school.

She Faces Challenges at work

You get some families that the dinner discussion is how hard the day was for daddy at work.

Because she has to work, she faces those challenges and she faces them ALONE.

She can’t share with you because you have pressing needs she has to see too!

Your boyfriend dumped you, You failed a test at school, you don’t think you are as cool as your friends etc.

Are you getting the theme?

She essentially gives her life up so you can be happy.

Now Let us Address the Stigma and Wrong Assumptions

Single Parents Were Wayward in Their Youth

Sigh. Need I address this one?

Many are of the opinion that single parents are so because they were wayward and loose in their youth.

What if they lost a spouse?

What if there were irreconcilable differences between the parents?

What if one of the partners decides to be irresponsible and takes off?

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And then the parent that stays back to be with you gets stigmatized?

What sense does that make?

Children Raised By Single Parents Are at a Disadvantage

This is not only a wrong assumption but an unfair one to both the parent and the child.

Give credit where it is due, acknowledge that they work hard to give all the love and care they possibly can.

Stop judging, you aren’t any better.

So when next somebody makes such a derogatory statement about your single parent, look them straight in the eye, and tell them you’d pick your parent 1000 times over them.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Rock your grace!

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