Amaechi Advise Politicians Who Lost During General Election

Amaechi Advise Politicians Who Lost During General Election

The former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, few weeks after the general election has called on political parties and politicians who lost during the election not to lose hope.

The minister of transportation, stated that with wisdom and patience they can attain their political desire in the future.

In his statement he also took the opportunity to call on the youths not to use crime as an escape route.

“For those of us who feel a sense of personal loss, as a result of the last electioneering in the state, I say do not despair, you have vital work to do in the Rivers project. Believe me, with wisdom and patience, you will own the future.”

“Always remember that the task of enthroning a party into power is not as high a calling of patriotism than the task of making personal sacrifices for the peace and general good of the state.”

“Therefore, I appeal to all who truly love our dear Rivers State to join hands in building the state, irrespective of their party affiliations.”

“No amount of provocation or even threats should challenge the Rivers spirit of oneness, unity and harmony in you.”

“To the youths, I urge you not to see crime as an escape route from the difficult times we are going through in Rivers State today. I am confident that with resilience and prayer, you can always pull through.”