World’s Heaviest Man Who Died Due To His Addiction To Eating

World’s Heaviest Man Who Died Due To His Addiction To Eating


Ricky Naputi , who is the worlds heaviest man, weighed more than 400 KG/900 pounds, no doubt he had an addiction food, and lost. His wife Cheryl described looking after him as ‘just like taking care of an overgrown baby’, as he fell in and out of a deep depression over his obesity.
Ricky Naputi was confined to his bed, and Cheryl did everything for him from cooking his food to cleaning every inch of his huge body, and helping him go to the toilet. At the time of his death hadn’t walked on his own for more than 7 years.

Naputi had also vowed to turn his life around. He was working on losing enough weight to be able to fly to the continental U.S. for weight loss surgery.

“I’m willing to try my best,” he said. “My one goal and my one goal only is to get my life back.” He said

The possibility of moving Ricky to Houston for an operation slowly became more and more impossible as he failed to lose weight, and the next step was to reach out to a doctor in Australia.
The Doctor also came around and gave the same conditions that he has to shed some weight.

His wife was doing her best but ‘claims “When it comes to food and Ricky wants something he’ll keep going on and on and on and on until I finally give it to him. It’s very hard because I am his wife can I control his eating habits, no I can’t.’ But I tried

From there the morbidly obese man’s life over the next few years took a cyclical and repetitive nature which eventually lead to the breakdown of his marriage, and later, his death.