Why I did not Fight Deontay Wilder This Year – Anthony Joshua

Why I did not Fight Deontay Wilder This Year – Anthony Joshua

Nigerian-born British boxer Anthony Joshua has uncovered why the battle among him & Deontay Wilder did not occur this year.

The undefated heavyweight champions were required to battle for the greatest prize in boxing this summer before they agreed to seperate challenger in people of Alexander Povetkin & Tyson Fury separately.

Joshua overcome Povetkin in September at Wembley, be that as it may, revealed the rival would have been Wilder yet the half proposed offer worth 25% because of his association with different organization.

While addressing Kugan Cassius for iFL TV, Joshua said it’s the first occasion when he at any point had problem with monetary piece of a battle & the agreement was more demanding than Wilder’s camp made the World to accept.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever really had issues on the financial side with a fighter.”

“So, let’s say that fifty million we talked about. Listen, it’s a hell of a lot of money and it was an honour to even have that number thrown at me!”

“But then when you dissected it and what it actually it was, it was kind of like a rights fee – ‘We own you for this amount of money’.”

“The issue I had was that I’ve got long-standing contracts in place with certain partnerships. So you may put that money forward and think that you own me 100% but you may only own 50% so that makes their 50% worth 25%.”

“So when you start getting into the intricacies of a contract and what the real value is, that’s when that starts taking place.”

“So the $50m was unbelievable, it’s a great number, but there are things in place that don’t make that $50m worth it to the person paying it.”

Boxing darlings may need to hold up longer to see the battle among the 2 heavyweights rulers as WBC has ordered a re-bout among Wilder & Tyson after the first session finished in a draw.

Joshua is likely to confront British opponent Dillian Whyte in a re-bout on April 13 at Wembley in 2019.

“Dillian Whyte is a good fighter,” he added. “And if there is anyone I want to fight – especially break bread with in terms of internationally – he deserves it.”