We have concludes field investigation over Helicopter crash – AIB

We have concludes field investigation over Helicopter crash – AIB

We have concludes field investigation over Helicopter crash – AIB – The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) said it has finished field examination concerning the helicopter crash involving Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo on Saturday, February 1.

The agency said that the fundamental report, which would be prepared soon, would unfold the reason for the occurrence, THISDAY reports.

General supervisor, public affairs of the department, Mr. Tunji Oketunbi, said the organization sent its examiners to the accident site on Sunday, February 2 who organized field examination concerning the occurrence.

He, in any case, said that AIB couldn’t find out the reason for the occurrence yet & encouraged the general population and industry experts to abstain from making remarks on the accident until the result of the initial report.

His words: “Our investigators have done site investigation on the crash. The investigators were on ground at the crash site on Sunday. But, as it is, we don’t know the cause of the incident yet; we have to wait for the preliminary report.”

“It is unprofessional to pre-empt the cause of the incident without waiting for the outcome of our investigation.”

AIB in prior proclamation by its official & CEO, Akin Olateru, pledged that it would complete point by point, intensive & prompt examination concerning the accident.

As per the announcement, 12 people, including Osinbajo, government authorities & crew were on-board the helicopter when the accident happened.

He nonetheless, noticed that the examination was not to allocate fault, rather to discover why the occurrence happened & furthermore make safety suggestions in a way such won’t happen again.

The announcement had read to a limited extent: “Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB), the agency of government created under the Civil Aviation Act 2006 with a clear mandate to investigate air accidents and serious incidents has commenced investigation into this accident. I am assuring the entire public that this investigation will be detailed, thorough and timely.”

“This is not to apportion blame; it is about fact-finding and making safety recommendations with a view to preventing future occurrences.”

“As the investigating agency, AIB needs and hereby solicits for your help. We want the public to know that we would be amenable to receiving any video clip(s), relevant evidence, or information any member of the public may have of the accident; that can assist us with this investigation.”

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