TSTV introduces ‘pay-as-you-go’ subscription policy

TSTV introduces ‘pay-as-you-go’ subscription policy

As a component of its command to convey quality administrations to clients, Telcom Satellites Limited (TSTV), said it has presented a membership strategy named ‘pay-as-you-go’, which will be on the majority of its stations & debited on a hourly rate.

Its Chief Operating Officer, Benjamin Zidah, who expressed this, at the end of the week, in Abuja, revealed that it was brought in to control wastage & furthermore give clients esteem for their cash.

This is even as he guaranteed clients that unlawful substance won’t stream on its link; revealing that it has created more than 50 nearby substance with High Definition (HD) feature.

Zidah additionally uncovered that the satellite organization had overcome some of difficulties which nearly prompted its termination, including that it has marked an agreement with Azerbaijan firm, Azercosmos to extend quality administration.

“It has not been an easy journey for us. It is not going to be easy because we have decided to do this business. We have weathered the storms of the past. We are poised to do business the way it should be done.”

“We have partnered with local and foreign firms to produce good content. Fifty our channels have licences.”

“We are not taking anything that is not licensed. And we have developed over twenty channels,” he clarified.

He additionally implied that the greater part of the withdrew employee would be reengaged in light of the fact that they will venture up their business & move rapidly into its main goal & vision.

“We will review what each person was doing and then on the growth need basis, we will bring them back provided they are professionally, and skill wise fit for those roles,” he stated.