Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Real Estate

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Real Estate

There is no doubt that people tend to be at cross roads when considering viable investments for their money.

I would totally understand because the economy of the country has made every naira and kobo essential so individuals are skeptical of how their money is being utilized and want to be sure they are getting the best deals out of their money.

I am using this piece to allay your fears and proffer the best avenue to consider for investing your money.

This amazing lucrative idea is “Real Estate” and it’s one of the best avenues for the perfect high return on investment.

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I would be giving  you major reasons why real estate should be top on your list as regards investment:

High Possibility of Appreciation

This is definitely the major reason why you should consider real estate.

The major purpose of any investment is the dividend you would receive from it.

The value of properties tends to appreciate with every passing year.

The location of the property, inflation and the kind of renovation you have made on property are just some of the major reasons why the value of a property will get better with time.

I witnessed a sale of a few plots of land a  year ago; this piece of land was bought three years ago for about 300,000naira  and as at the time of sale last year, the value had gone up almost ten times  the piece of land was bought and at that moment I knew nothing would hinder me from investing in real estate.

Perfect Leverage/Security Facility

It can be very essential when considering taking a mortgage or a loan from a bank in order to finance a particular project that you don’t have the means to furnish at that particular point in time.

The value of the property  would also be considered at the time of paying back the loan if you are unable to pay back the loan or the total loan sum so the appreciation comes into play once again.

Steady Income Return

This is one of the key features of real estate investment.

Purchasing a property and renting it out can be a sustainable income for a long period of time and with the economy possessing tendencies of inflation at any point in time, the rent is subject to review periodically making it a win-win situation.

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The income that can be obtained from such a venture is even way more attractive compared to major sources of income.

The beauty of such an investment is that it can be successfully run for decades with the benefits and interest rates continually accruing with time.

Inflation Hedging

There exists a positive close-knit relationship which is spurred by the growth of the GDP and the constant demand for real estate.

Higher capital values are a result of the expansion of economies and the high demand for rent which is causing a sharp increase in rents.

Real estate is surging capital appreciation by maintaining a large amount of capital’s purchasing power and diverting a bit of the pressure to tenants.

The world is gradually getting its grasp on the reality that real estate is here to stay and are moving with the trend, don’t be left behind, invest today and you will be glad you did.