Top 10 Tips for Living a More Eco-Friendly Life

Top 10 Tips for Living a More Eco-Friendly Life

It’s not difficult to want to live a more eco-friendly life – we’ve all seen the stats and know how much pressure the planet is under. But how do you actually start living a more eco-friendly life?

Check out our ten tips for living a more eco-friendly life and make a big difference. If you can’t do all of these things – try a few – every bit helps when it comes to the environment.

  1. Use less water – try brushing your teeth without leaving the water running, take shorter showers, only do loads of washing when they are full loads
  2. Use less power – not an easy one to ignore in South Africa with load shedding et al. Think about it though – if you aren’t using an appliance – turn it off.
  3. Use energy efficient light bulbs.
  4. Dry clothes in the air – not a tumble drier!
  5. Buy local produce – it uses less energy to transport and it supports the local economy
  6. Separate your trash – keep glass, metals, papers and plastics and organics separate. Use the organic matter to start your own compost heap.
  7. Recycle – Make sure than anything that can be recycled is being recycled and not ending up in landfill (in Durban that means putting your paper and plastic (cleaned) into the orange bags for recycling) and the black bags go to landfill!
  8. Reuse – Before you throw something out – or recycle it – think about whether or not you can reuse it. Reusing items goes a long way to preserving the environment.
  9. Plant indigenous plants which help make your garden water wise (as an added bonus – this will attract birds to your garden)
  10. Buy organic and natural products