Tambuwal Accuse Opposition Party Of Trying To Ignite Violence In Sokoto State

Tambuwal Accuse Opposition Party Of Trying To Ignite Violence In Sokoto State

The Governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Tambuwal, has called politicians in the state to state away from any statement which can trigger violence.

The Governor revealed this in a statement released through his Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties,Yusuf Dingiadi.

He called on the leader of the All Progressives Congress to stay away from orchestrating rumour that can lead to crisis.

NAN had recently quoted the chairman of APC in Sokoto State, Isa Sadiq as saying that the party will retrieve its mandate at all cost.

Sadiq had stated Tambuwal’s claims that federal powers were deployed against him were “deluded and misplaced outcries that are inefficacious, just as they are immaterial and ineffectual”.

The Sokoto APC Chairman also stated that “the electorate has since lost confidence in the PDP which fielded expired and lesser candidates, who lacked even the least of support”.

Tambuwal in his reaction said, “The APC leaders have formed a habit of spreading falsehood on social media platforms. Government will soon begin to take legal action unless the politicians instigating the media propaganda and hate speech desist.”

“Their activities, if left unchecked, will undermine the peace of the state.”

“Sokoto is a peaceful state. We will no longer allow propagandists to toy with its peaceful co-existence,” .

The governor’s aide called on the aggrevied politicains to seek redress in the court, “stop distracting the legal process with propaganda”.

“Since the party has already filed a case at the tribunal, it should allow the tribunal to decide. It should not pre-empt the tribunal. It should wait for its verdict and keep the peace while doing so.”

“Alternatively, APC should start preparing for 2023 election, instead of fanning embers of disunity using the social media because the people of Sokoto have spoken through the ballot box.”