Planning Life After The Wedding – Getting Used To Being A Married Couple

Planning Life After The Wedding – Getting Used To Being A Married Couple

Planning Life After The Wedding – Getting Used To Being A Married Couple – Now that the wedding ceremony is over.. its now time to plan how you are going to live the rest of your married life as husband and wife.

You will need to plan your finances, get family insurance cover and do everything right.

This article is going to give you some tips on how to live life as a married couple.

You need to plan your finances

There always say that two heads are better than one and the magical thing about marriage is that you can start functioning as one unit.

You will discover new things about each other everyday and your love will grow more and more each day.

You will also have to plan for your future and make decisions about your finances together.

It is very common for newly weds to open a single joint account were they work to build up their finances together.

This is a very good idea as this help you not waste money.

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This will be a bit different from the way you were used to banking when you had your own FNB account.

By in the day you would simply go to the ATM and withdraw money and go for a night out in Lagos with the boys.

Not anymore – Now you have to explain to your wife why you need to withdraw the money… better yet why you want to go out at all (hehehe the joys of marriage life).

Chances are you will think twice about this and as a result you will not draw anything from the bank atm and thus you save money.

A joint account is very good as it helps you manage all your money and you can avoid unnecessary wasting.

Speak to your financial adviser or bank manager and you will get all the necessary help and information.

Find the best protective insurance for your family

At the wedding day you receive a wide range of gifts and presents.

You bought a lot of new things such ads the engagement and wedding rings and these assets are very valuable and need to be insured.

You will need to also revise the insurance cover on the goods at your home.

Speak to your insurance broker as he/she will help you sort out all your extra things.

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For example, if you live your wedding gifts with family and friends while you go on your honeymoon some insurance companies will  cover your presents as long as they know where the gifts are.

After the wedding

Financial decisions will need to be made after the wedding and honeymoon and you will be doing this for the rest of your lives.

You need to organise your first bond for your house together and buying any other assets together.

Wow.. you are going to have your very own home together.

Reflect back to the lessons you learned while you saved for your wedding day.

Set out a realistic goals (write ithem down) then construct a budget that will help you achieve your objectives.

Try and work out a plan on how you can build and increase your deposit amounts each month.

You will need to ensure your house as well as all the furniture in it as well.

You can also insure your incomes

It might also be necessary to insure the income that you will be having as well as this allows you to purchase the items that you own.

Its a good idea to get life insurance or income insurance and you can get this through you superannuation at work.

Try and look into the different types and levels of cover available for life insurance.

Any insurance benefits should be paid to you and your wife by your superfund.

The best advice

Financial decisions need to be made all the time and you will need to be able to communicate with each other so that the planning is enjoyable.

The best financial planner can assist you in saving years and years of worry and frustration.

Enjoy your wedding life…