Okorocha Makes Demand From Imo State Governor Elect

Okorocha Makes Demand From Imo State Governor Elect

The Imo  State Governor, Rochas Okorocha has pleaded with the incoming governor of the state, Emeka Ihedioha to keep the free education policy when he takes over the affairs of the state.

The outgoing governor of the state, stated this when he was visited by the manager of Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Mrs. Rejoice Ndudinachi at the Government House at the weekend.

He said, “My appeal has remained that there are certain things I would want to remain continued. One of them is the free education”

“I want to appeal to the in-coming government in the name of God not to stop free education in this land. Free education represents our indirect empowerment to the widows and the poor in the society.

“Free education helps children who cannot afford School fees. Free education has helped wipe away the tears of suffering widows.”

“Free education must never be allowed to stop in this land and if that stops, criminal activities will come back again in geometrical progression and crime rate will rise and that should not be good for the State.”

“I intend to write a book one day to explain to the people of Nigeria and Imo State in particular the vision with which I governed this State. If you should notice, I have opened up Owerri. Owerri is so opened up with road networks everywhere. There are more developments now in Owerri than it has never been. Security is better. So when I said Imo must be better, I meant my word abinitio. In security, Imo is better than it has ever been. The issue of kidnapping is gone.”

“In terms of infrastructural development, Imo is better. In terms of workers welfare, Imo is better. In terms of health, Imo is better. In terms of education, Imo is better. So Imo is better in all wings.”

“The secret to all these is that we thought outside the box and being able to do things different from the conventional ways of doing things. This is the result of what you are seeing. We were never hard on the people. Infact, Imo State is the place you could come and not pay tax before getting your building on.”

“So, I’m leaving a better Imo than I met it. The idea of the Imo International Airport was to connect Imo State to the rest of the world. When the business starts, it would be perhaps one of the greatest legacy Rescue Mission has left for generations yet unborn.”