How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021 – The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria is a worry to many and not to some. The reason being the fact the number of graduates we are having these days is overwhelming the number of jobs available today in Nigeria.

Why should you wait for a company to offer you a job with the many opportunities available today? In this post, I will share some ways to make money online in Nigeria, from the comfort of your homes.

In Nigeria, you have many get rich quick schemes all around – on the internet and on the street.

I always choose to stick with the old saying: ‘’Nothing good comes easy’’.

Yes, to earn something, you have to burn something.

But how can one give what one doesn’t have? What do you have to burn? Money, Time or Skill? In our today, you need one to survive.

Money? You either work honestly for it or not – somehow you get it and use it to make more money.

Time? It is impossible for anyone to do nothing at any particular time – try it out and you will see as whatever you are doing has a name: Sleeping, Resting, Playing, and Working, and so on.

Now, what do you do with the time you have? Playing or thinking of what positive thing to do?

Learning how to use Photoshop Online is very positive as well as how to make a shoe or a bag.

Skill? Well, this encompasses the previous point made.

How can you then make money online in Nigeria?

Sell Online

In Nigeria, we have had a huge shift as to what we called the traditional and only way to buy or sell items.

With the growth of the Internet and Computers in Nigeria, people are now embracing the e-culture.

Many companies from Europe have started investing heavily in Nigerian start-ups.

These days, we have a number of Online shopping sites like Kaymu, Konga, Jumia, Dealdey and so many others.

If you have a product you produced locally and struggling with sales, you can use a service like that of – you can sell products locally made on the site for free.

So, if you make an Ankara pouch for a Tecno Phantom Pad or even a Samsung or HTC phone, you can easily sell this online.

There are now some other options coming up like Konga and Jumia recently opened up their own marketplaces as well which is making the competition even more.

Selling whatever you have online is a good source of income when you don’t have a 9-5 job.

Affiliate Programs

Another way you can make money online is by joining Affiliate programs.

Many e-commerce sites in Nigeria have rolled out their own Affiliate program and I am sure will follow in months to come.

The Affiliate program is a form of online marketing.

So, if you have a huge social media profile on places like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; promote your Affiliates links using these channels and the returns are usually great.

All you need is your effort and careful strategy.

Start a Blog

Very recently, a blogger in Nigeria bought a Range Rover 2014 ride! And yes, her number 1 source of income is that Blog.

As I said earlier, you need to put in effort to do whatever you do.

Careful planning and dedication will make your blog a success.

The first step is getting to choose the platform you want to use: WordPress, Blogspot or a custom-built blog – the choice.

It is not a wise tactic; having the purpose of money-making when starting a blog.

First, you should have a passion for writing interactive stuff that will be engaging to whoever comes across it then when you become popular, you can run ads and even an Affiliate program.

Are you a graduate, a youth corper that has just acquired some skills through the skills programme and want to make good money from your skill or a permanent house wife looking to earn something while at home, one or more of these should help in your quest – Don’t sit, looking for the latest jobs in Nigeria – create your empire, start something today.

Do you have other ways one can make money online in Nigeria, legitimately?