Liz Anjorin Call Out Unknown Enemy In Her Recent Post

Liz Anjorin Call Out Unknown Enemy In Her Recent Post

Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin, in her recent post on social media platform decided to call out some people she refered to as enemies.

The Popular Nigerian actress, in her post on Instagram wrote about someone lying about her and her family.

She took out time to warn the individual and stated that if the person does not desist from lying she will take time to fight them and the fight will be bloody. She wrote:

“My food , My dinning ,My house matter how small it may be , It is located on an island where the money to sandfill a plot of land can build 2 storied building in some area and can help some fools buy rented apartment they claimed they bought.”

“Someone is about to see the demon in me if you play dirty with any of my MOHAD family with your fake lies and deceit, I will gladly eat you raw”

“No shame in living real life, no wahala in staying my lane but trying to diss me with your useless fake life will make me crush you to death …you better stay on your lane with your egboki pu**sy business before I will destroy your yeye table.”

“I am not a table breaker but a satisfied table burner and blow the ashes into the air ….When you see any of my MOHAD family, treat them with care and respect or else !….”