I did very wrong for slapping Pamilerin – Peruzzi

I did very wrong for slapping Pamilerin – Peruzzi

Peruzzi, a Nigerian singer has apologised for slapping a social media influencer, Pamilerin.

Before now, Pamilerin on Monday put on twitter a picture of his red-eye and marks on his face in a series of tweets.

“The worst happened to me today, but they will be hearing from me shortly and surely. Let’s keep up the energy! #TheresStillFreedomOfExpression #DontForget!”, Pamilerin tweeted.

The attack has caused lots of controversy and condemnation to Peruzzi.

Meanwhile, Peruzzi has admitted he was wrong and apologized to Pamilerin.

“I did very wrong for yesterday slapping Mr. Pamilerin; let my feelings get the best of me and I am very sorry.”

“Apologies to Mr Pamilerin and also to the general public. I’d never get into such mess again. Love Only, I promise.”