How to Get Verified on Snapchat 2021 (Helpful Guides)

How to Get Verified on Snapchat 2021 (Helpful Guides)

Are you looking for how to get verified on Snapchat 2021? Getting verified on any social media platform means a whole lot.

From being paraded in the top search results to gaining massive popularity online, it’s really a big deal.

On Snapchat, people who get tons of views daily on their stories are likely going to get verified sooner than those with a handful of views.

These elites who garner thousands of views daily when verified are allocated a unique emoji attached to their username and when you search for them, they naturally appear under the header “official stories”.

For celebrities, this could be easier due to their teeming fan base and premium content, but for you as an individual or an upcoming sensation, it’s going to be akin to a herculean task, but it’s very possible.

With hard work and consistency, who says you can enjoy the luxury of being verified?

So here is How to Get Verified on Snapchat

Be Real on Your Identity

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Before any verification is done, Snapchat will want to confirm the identity of whoever they want to verify.

In the light of this, it is essential you provide accurate personal details on who are and what exactly you are doing.

Be real on this one and leave out fake identities.

Snapchat needs to understudy your profile to know if you are worth verifying and so you’ll need to confirm your identity which is why you need to furnish them with the right information.

Establish Your Brand or Personality

how to get verified on snapchat 2019Snapchat verifies notable personalities, media sensations, or business brands and not just every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

If you want to get verified, you need to be something spectacular.

Let’s even face it this way, there’s no way you can be so popular online for doing nothing and being a ‘nobody’.

The benchmark for getting verified is pegged at 50,000 views per story, you can’t achieve this feat by making a wish before a genie.

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You need to be extremely handsome or beautiful, become a model, comedian, artist, clown, musician, marketer, producer, business mogul, dancer, or just anything worthwhile that courts uninhibited attention.

Promote Your Brand or Personality

When you’ve assumed any of those statuses in the second header, you can promote them by being consistent in your stories and running serial campaigns about what you do or who you are on other social media platforms with links to your Snapchat profile.

This way, you can reroute traffic to your personality and with time, the attention will be all yours.

If you are naturally pretty or handsome, take regular pictures in classy environments and include them in your stories, people love fine things and humans, and they will follow unconsciously.

Ask to be Verified

how to get verified on snapchatWell, if you’ve done very well for yourself by establishing and promoting your brand or personality on Snapchat, you would have gained a following that will be too glaring to go unnoticed by Snapchat.

However, in any event where this unlikely scenario plays out, then it’s your job to beckon on them to come to do the needful.

You can get their attention by reporting a case of identity theft.

This will prompt them to analyze your account and verify your identity.

Subsequently, you’ll be placed on official stories where the elite class resides.

This wraps up how to get verified on Snapchat 2021.